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  • ~GetAClueGirlz's TRN Review~

    Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

    Storyline: Lori Girard, an heiress, decided to get together all of the top detectives. Frank and Joe Hardy were invited, so they took along Nancy. Lori is taking them to a place called Copped Gorge on someone named Jake Hurley’s train to search for treasure, and gold in his mines.

    The plot of this game turned out to be quite unclear in the beginning. It changed through-out the game. Originally, Lori called together everyone to tell them that we were going to be going to the mines. So at first, I thought okay so we have to find gold? I was thinking we were going to be on the train for just like five minutes on the game and then be at this small place called Copper Gorge. Nope, I was wrong. We were on the train for half the game! I guess it took a long time to get to Copper Gorge from where we started. In the mean time, we were busy solving puzzles, and snooping around. Snooping around for what? Or do you mean for whom? Right in the middle of Lori talking to the detectives, the train went through a tunnel and Lori disappeared! Now I’m thinking, okay the goal is to find Lori! Was that the plot, though? No. Things kept happening and I kept thinking that was the purpose of the game. But each time yet something else happened. Basically, what I’m getting at is there wasn’t just one plot. There were several little plots. And even though at first that was a bit bothersome, it was actually fun and interesting! Because the second we got bored with one plot, something else happened! In the end though, I figured out that the plot was supposed to be as I said in the beginning: Find the gold in the hidden mines!! Yes, it was confusing, but I enjoyed all the plots.

    Unlike some of the newer Nancy Drew games this game actually has many characters!! As I said earlier, Lori Girard invited many detectives, and other people along on the train to help her track the mines and find the gold. In this case, there were several characters, at least 7! Not all the characters could be suspects, though. Probably 4 out of the 7 characters were prime suspects. And now you’re probably wondering, suspects? What did they do? What happened? Nothing. We were just on a quest for the gold; to get to the mines I suppose. One of the mini plots has a few suspects, though. Haha. A list of the characters would be:
    Lori Girard: I already explained her just about.
    John Grey: Lori invited him on the train with us, even though he was not an actual detective. He really worked on the show Ghostbusters, so she thought his tracking skills could come in handy. The whole time he had this weird ghost tracker machine in his room. I don’t exactly know what finding a ghost has to do with the game, but he was an interesting character to talk with. One time he told us he thought he’d heard Camille’s ghost. Camille was Jake Hurley’s wife. Of course she wasn’t alive anymore. (Just thought I’d clear that up)
    Tino Balducci: Tino was a famous detective, and he treated Nancy, Frank and Joe like they had no clue what they were doing. He’d just finished a robbery mystery, so he very cocky, and didn’t listen to a word Nancy said. I don’t have too much to say about him.
    Charleena Purcell: Charleena has been a popular character in many games, so if you’ve played SSH or SHA then I’m sure you know who she is. If you haven’t played those games, here’s an explanation of who she is. Charleena Purcell is a famous writer, and is very knowledgeable. Lori figured she would know a lot about history and be a great help in the game.
    Fatima: When you get to Copper Gorge you get to explore a nice little shop. Fatima is the owner, and she has a funny personality. You get many things from her that are handy in finishing the game.
    The Hardy Boys come along with you!! They basically just sit at a table the whole time and are reading a book. They are helpful, though, when you want a good hint.
    Phone Friends: You have Bess and George as phone friends, even though you have the Hardy Boys to ask for hints, too. You need to talk to Bess and George at one point in the game, though.
    Character Interactions: Unlike some of the games, TRN lets you interact with most of the characters very often. You do not get to talk to John Grey too often, but everyone else is there to talk to the whole time.
    Everything about the Characters: 9.5/10

    The train you were on was very realistic!! It was believable that you were on an old train that belonged to Jake Hurley and his wife, Camille. Their rooms were still furnished with the furniture that was there when they lived, so it was fascinating. And even though many people get depressed that we’re on a train for half the game, the train has seven cars to explore! As you go along in the game you get into more cars. Originally you can only explore four or five, but by the end you open up more. Once the train stops in Copper Gorge there are a couple places you can go. Frank works at a burger place, and Nancy goes to explore. Copper Gorge was full of things that led Nancy and her pals to where Jake’s mine really was.

    The graphics were good. And the reason I say good is because the way that some of the characters looked. I mean, the actual exploring and things looked realistic but HER made the characters a bit fuzzy looking. They weren’t excellent, but were far from bad. It isn’t HER’s fault, though. I mean as the games come the graphics get better. As the years go by, everything gets better when it comes to technology such as the graphics. Anyway, the graphics weren’t drop dead gorgeous, but they were fine, and it would not be a reason to not get the game.

    There were many puzzles in this game which for some is an absolute minus. In TRN the puzzles all related to finding Jake’s mine. Some puzzles seem pointless in some games, but these puzzles stuck to the point the whole time. The puzzles there were weren’t tedious, or hair-pulling, but fun and medium in difficulty. When I played this game, I played it on junior detective originally, so I’m sure if you really want hard puzzles you could play senior detective. Even though I said there were many puzzles, there were only like 5 puzzles and two of them took almost the whole game to figure out. Yes, they were long, but not mind numbing. And most of the puzzles took logic, and not just luck.

    Well.... There was enough snooping to fulfill some people’s wishes, but I though there could’ve been more. Some of the puzzles took snooping around. I mean, the actual amount of things Nancy found were practical, but me, I like finding something in every nook and cranny. In some parts of the game, we did get the experience to snoop around other people’s spots, but still, I felt there could’ve been more situations where Nancy got the chance to poke around in other people’s business and be her nosy self.

    Activities and Games:
    Yay!! There were plenty of games and activities we got to do, which I enjoyed, because they balanced out nicely with the puzzles. In Copper Gorge, we got to play games on machines in order to get tokens for things, and in order to get things from some suspects we got to play games, too. To me, the ending was like something I’d do when playing a game, so that counts too! Now you’re probably wondering about the ending…

    This is spoiler free. The ending was totally unexpected, and even though I didn’t think we’d actually catch a culprit in the end, because of the ongoing plots, we actually did catch someone. Some people feel differently than me about the ending, but whenever I get a chance I like to replay it. It’s just so exciting!! When you buy this game, which I definitely recommend you do, you will see how awesome the ending is.

    Other Things:
    This game wasn’t too scary at all. It had it’s scary times, but overall with 10 being really scary I’d rate this 4/10.
    I recommend anyone buy this game, then again I recommend anyone to buy every ND game, but this is a great one.

    Overall score: 9/10
    Thanks for reading!
    Rachel and Casey
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    Tis Katrina! I haven't played TRN yet! But this review is really great and I like all of the things you say about it. Thank you! I think I'm going to buy it now!!! Good job, rachel!

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