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  • My publisher thanks you. {Review.}

    Last Train To
    Blue Moon Canyon.

    T h e P l o t ;
    Frank and Joe Hardy invite you to join them on a train ride that is hosted by the slightly egotistical Lori Girard. Lori's invited all of the greatest minds of the time to help her figure out what happened to Jake Hurley, his wife and the engineer as well as where Jake's hidden mine is. But while there are many aboard this extravagant train, could someone just be setting you up for disaster? Is this going to be a dangerous trip to Blue Moon Canyon? Dolls and extreme puzzles are what await you on this mysterious train ride through the canyon.

    Good Things:
    * I think that the plot is really great. Especially with the fact that you get to travel on a train and solve puzzles but you also get to help find a mine.
    * The Hardy Boys, need I say more. (:
    * One of my favorite things in this game was the cellphone that you get. I couldn't stop taking pictures.

    Bad Things:
    * Some people didn't enjoy the whole treasure hunting aspect of the game, because they didn't feel that it was enough of a mystery. However, I loved it.
    * However, going along with the phone thing. I didn't like that there wasn't much space for pictures. I only got to keep my favorites. Also, there weren't many phone friends to call when I needed help.

    Places To Explore;
    The Train; As a whole, I was pretty satisfied with the train. The graphics were very well done, and I especially enjoyed that it showed you jumping from one car to the next. Each car was detailed enough for the story. Camille's car was probably one of my favorites along with the machine car, or whatever it was called. Jake's car or the caboose was great to see, including the activities and puzzles.
    Copper Gorge as a whole; From the picture, it looks like an adorable little town. If I had the chance, I'd hitch a train to go there.
    Copper Gorge Museum; The outside gives it a sort of woodsy, old-town feel. The inside doesn't really give you the feel that you're in a museum, when you look around you'd think store more than museum. But, as you walk around you can almost taste the dusty air. The taffy is also very fun to look at.
    Copper Gorge Cemetery; When you first click to go to the cemetery, I love the door that you have to go through. Sure, it's really just a plain door, but I always stared at it with awe, maybe due to my Hogwarts obsession. It looked like a castle door.
    Crypt; Of course, just knowing that this is where you have to go gives you sort of a chill. I know it gave me some. Once you're finally inside, you find an peaceful and open little place. The window really sets the room.
    The Mine; I quite liked the outside of the mine, just as well as the inside. It all went together. Ah. I'm sure that you'll enjoy the lizards and many different directions.

    Good Things:
    * I really loved the graphics in this game. Nothing that I can remember was ever too fuzzy or odd when moving. Everything just fit together like a story is supposed to. I was overall very pleased with the graphics.
    * In each car and place there was a lot to do to drag out the game. This is a plus because otherwise it would be an extremely short game, those aren't so fun.
    * The taffy looked amazing. I really wanted to eat some. (:
    * The train was my favorite part of this game, without a doubt. If I were ever to be on a train in my life, I'd wish that it would look like the train from this game.

    Bad Things:
    * In a lot of Nancy Drew games, you get your own little room just to walk around in. I wish that we had something like that in this game.
    * Some of the colours were interesting, but somehow managed to fit in.
    * I was expecting more of a museum for the museum, but luckily enough you have Fatima's personality to make up for it.

    Cast of Characters;
    Frank and Joe Hardy: They're the guys that invite Nancy to join them on the train to help solve the mystery. As the journey continues on, you see more of their humor and research skills.

    Lori Girard: She's the egotistical hostess of your train trip. Of course Lori can be quite annoying at times, especially when she keeps forgetting your name or when she's basically of no help at all. Could this all be her setting you up for disaster to claim the glory?

    Charleena Purcell: Charleena's written multiple stories in her lifetime, and seems to be a wise old lady. And not to mention she's pretty good at researching things and finding useful information. Is her stay on the train just one to try and find another storyline for a new book or something more?

    John Gray: He's a world famous ghost hunter with a popular television show. John's a pretty fun person to talk to, but could his thoughts of a ghost on board just be a way to raise his television show ratings?

    Tino Balducci: Ah, Tino. He claims to be the world's greatest detective after catching a lucky break on a past case. Usually he just seems to be in the right place at the right time. Is this all just a set up to make himself look good once more?

    Fatima: She works in the Copper Gorge Museum and sells taffy to tourists. She's got an eccentric personality with an accent to match. Fatima will be sure to keep you laughing, and you might even pick up on her accent.

    Good Things:
    * Nobody was really disproportional or fuzzy in this game. Overall the people looked quite nice.
    * You could definitely tell that they all had their own little personalities. Fatima's was perhaps the best.
    * They weren't all boring or drab. When you talked to them you could actually see what they were like, their emotions included.
    * Frank and Joe Hardy. I think I was perhaps most excited for them to be in the game than anything else.

    Bad Things:
    * The fact that you hardly get to interact with the Hardy Boys. I was very disappointed.
    * Lori's personality and constant forgetting of your name was pretty annoying. But I guess it added something to the game.
    * As is usually the case with Nancy Drew games, the point where you have no idea what to do and nobody will talk to you.

    This was mainly a puzzle game. There were things everywhere for you do or figure out that you really didn't have much time to snoop. There were definitely plenty of puzzles that made me want to chuck my computer out the window, but with some help from the message boards or just taking a slight break, you found out that they were actually possible and very cleverly put together.
    My main problems were : one of the activities in the Museum, it took forever to finally win, unscrambling the letters, and the dolls.
    Otherwise I really enjoyed the puzzles. They were difficult but necessary.

    TRN really wasn't that scary of a game. Despite what everybody else was saying about the ghost, I still haven't realized where even the littlest bit of fear came from. Most of my fear came in the mine. It was just a feeling of unsafeness, not sure what would happen next. So, TRN as a whole, wasn't scary in the least.

    I actually really liked this ending. It had that amusing appeal to it, and it wasn't overly frustrating once you go through it one or two times.
    The culprit I'd kind of suspected from the beginning, however once you get into it you don't know who it could be.

    Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon as a whole was quite the game. It probably won't be the fastest game you've ever completed, but it's sure to be a fulfilling one. I wouldn't really suggest it as an introduction to the Nancy Drew PC games, but if you're really up for something a bit complicated, then you should definitely try it.
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