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  • Mixed reviews??

    It seems to me there are many mixed reviews about this game...

    I personally think it's one of the best, but others seem to disagree. I love the storyline, and the assitance of the Hardy boys is a great twist. Another little personal favourite of mine is the hilarious telephoe conversations with Bess and George, I wish they would do more funny convos with those two in the newer games!!

    Anyway, post whether you like or dislike....

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    I neither like nor dislike this game--I love it!!!!! I love trains, having the Hardy Boys was awesome, Bess and George were hilarious, the story line was really good, and the making of the game (graphics, scenery, etc.) was overall terrific. TRN is my favorite game so far.



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      sorry, but that was one of my least favorite games. i played it about a year ago, and i don't even remember who the culprit was. i didn't even want to finish it. maybe i will try it again sometime.... idk, maybe.....
      One time I want Nancy to say "It's Unlocked!!!!" If you want that to happen too, copy and past this on to your singnature!!

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        I just finished replaying this game... When I first played it when it came out I had a lot of trouble completing the game with no cheats or hints. The second time around (which was just now) really made me appreciate this game. I used no cheats/hints. Everything in this game balanced out, easy and hard puzzles, times when you thought you were stuck but you could easily figure it ou. I loved the characters! The setting was top notch. Definately one of my favorite Nancy Drew games.

        -> George and Bess were definately fun to call in this one.


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          I LOVE this game!!!

          But I have to disagree with you on Bess and George... they're annoying, I wish HER would just drop them altogether... as for Frank and Joe, I LOVE EM!!!


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            I agree with the majority here. I really liked this game. I just went back and replayed the game, and I can say that I still was able to enjoy it. I love having Frank and Joe present, and I really liked being able to play as them during the burger scene. I wish HER would incorporate them in more of the games. I also liked having so many different places to go as well, and I thought that it was interesting having so many different characters. Finally, I think that it would be really cool to have Bess and George show up in an actual game. I like being able to interact with the Hardy Boys, and I think that I would get the same enjoyment out of a game that incorporated Bess and George!