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light at the end of the tunnle-A TRN REVEIW

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  • light at the end of the tunnle-A TRN REVEIW

    A Light At The End Of The Tunnel
    hello im Suzy this review will be
    split into 6 sections and
    each element of the game
    will be examined separately
    there will also be an over-all
    at the end.
    (look at the dots under each title
    For my rating out of 5.)
    this was the best game
    for characters HeR did an
    amazing job with this. each
    person is so different. From
    the drama queen to the ghost
    hunter each character was
    It was a very cool setting
    (actually there were 2.5 settings)
    I loved the train and how you can
    Jump from car to car. You also
    Stop at a little town called
    “copper gorge”
    Scare factor
    Not a scary game at all,
    But I still loved it.
    Interesting plot (not the best)
    It includes the hunt for a lost
    Mine belonging to an eccentric
    Dead guy.
    I am not one for a lot of puzzles
    In a game but even though this
    Game had a lot of puzzles
    I actually liked them. I
    Felt like they kept with the
    Theme (e.g. in RAN there is
    An under water Sudoku puzzle
    On a renascence treasure chest-
    What the heck is that all about?)
    But in TRN its like every things
    Supposed to be there hidden by
    The old miner.
    I liked it yes sir HeR has done
    It agin!
    Over- all
    I thought it was a great
    Game its one of my faves
    I hope you like it too.
    If people were rain, I was a drizzle and she was a hurricane.
    _GREEN__(_ . +’


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    Nice Review! Loved how you did the colors!
    "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"
    -Dr. Suess
    .~*'*~.Mel Corbalis.~*'*~.
    She's a self-professed outcast and a recluse.
    Her mood is gloomy, but she's a kind girl.
    With her amazing smarts and can-do attitude,
    she's in the running for the valedictorian...

    I have:
    Stayed Tuned for Danger
    Read the Message in a Haunted Mansion
    Found the Treasure in the Royal Tower
    Seen the Final Scene
    Discovered The Haunted Carosuel
    Uncovered the Secret of Shadow Ranch

    Rode the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
    Captured the White Wolf of Icicle Creek
    Uncovered the Phantom of Venice
    Heard the Warnings at Waverly Academy


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      I love the way you formatted this. Short, simple, and organized. Great review. :)