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The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

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  • The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

    Here's a look at the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

    Setting-- The setting of being on an old train was really awesome. There were a lot of places to explore and plenty of things to do. In Copper Gorge, there wasn't as much to explore, but there was some really cool stuff to do and some major snooping took place on the train. In the last location, it was easy to get lost but it was very cool. 9/10

    Lori Girard- She played a huge role in this game! You have quite a few conversations with her and she gives you tons of important information!
    Charleena Purcell- She gives you a history lesson, but in an interesting way. She's extremely practical and an amazing researcher.
    Tino Balducci- Wow. Talk about a big ego. Tino can be helpful at times, but he's also a nuisance. He always talks about himself....he's interesting.
    John Grey- This character is occasionally helpful, but he's not as involved as other characters. He is fun to talk to and he's one of the nicest characters in this game.
    Engineer- You never see him, but he's a cranky guy that you talk to occasionally.
    Fatima- She comes later in the game, but she is helpful and kind.
    The Hardy Boys- Eeek!!!! My favorite characters! The Hardy boys are very nice and extremely helpful! They talk to you a lot. Frank is serious. Joe is more spontanious and happy-go-lucky. (all characters) 10/10

    Plot-- The plot is classic. Nancy is searching for a treasure. HeR put a twist on this game by making it take place on a train though. It is a little predictable. 7/10

    Graphics-- These graphics were detailed and accurate. Excellent job! 10/10

    Scare Factor-- This game wasn't too scary. It had two "scary" parts, but i wasn't on the edge of my seat. 5/10

    Ending-- The ending was a little unexpected. The culprit definately suprised me. I thought it was a creative way to end the game and it was one of my favorite parts of the game. 9/10

    Overall-- 8/10
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