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    OnceUponMystery's Review:

    Location I thought it was rather pleasing to have this case take place on a train. It was refreshing to have a new location to sleuth and snoop in, especially since past mysteries have taken place mostly in houses and towns. I have always been a fan of train mysteries, so this was a good concept on Her Interactive's part.

    Art and Moving Around This art on this game was moderate. Not the best Her Interactive has ever done in the pre- white Wolf of Icicle Creek (when the newest format was introduced)games, but it was better than most of the earlier games. The characters were a lot less stiff that in previous games, and it was the first time I've seen their voices match the movement of their mouths. the moving around was again, a lot less stiff than before. In older games with the original format, I always thought that in those formats I moved a bit to far in each click, but this game was evenly spaced. The one thing that bothered me a bit was moving from each train car, mainly while the train was on the move. With Nancy crossing the platforms and the train moving at the same time it was a little panic inducing, and I actually expected Nancy to fall during the trip.

    Characters and their Personalities The characters for this adventure was mostly ok. Most of the the characters had pretty solid backstories and storylines. I enjoyed the fact that Nancy was able to interact with them pretty well. The one thing I was displeased with was the fact that i couldn't talk to the Hardy Boys more. I understand that it was the first case Nancy had solved with them, but I feel as though they could've helped more. I also found and still find it strange that Bess and/or George can help Nancy so much with the case over the phone, especially since neither of them are actually at the location Nancy is sleuthing at. It would've honestly made more sense for Frank and Joe to assist Nancy more then Bess and George did.

    The last few puzzles The last few puzzles (once Nancy gets to the mine) of this case were kind of a disappointment for me. Getting to the correct place in Jake's mine was just to simple. And when the wood planks puzzle appeared, It was another disappointment when I realized that I had to go back through the entire mine to solve it. And the final puzzle was just sad. This isn't the first Nancy Drew case I've solved, but the last puzzle for this one was just to easy.

    Aside from a few critiques, t
    his was a pretty fun game and I highly recommend it.