Hello Nancy Fans! I am was originally DrewFan18 but had to get a new account so here I am writing reviews! I just played Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. I can't remember if I actually have ever beaten it before so I figured why not try it out again and beat it this time!

I loved this game. Everything about the whole train idea. Yeah some people might think, 'oh you have to point and click wherever you go," and sometimes it takes a bit of time to get through train cars, it's still fun!

Plot: You as Nancy Drew are brought on train by Lori Girard who is a socialite and her father is a wealthy businessman. The hardy boys and a few other celebrities are invited as well. You are headed to Copper Gorge, Colorado to find out what really happened to a man named Jake Hurley, who was the original owner of this train. Lori wants you to find the location of Jake's lost mine. A mystery has always been around this train since it was left abandoned with the engineer found dead. Jake had a wife Camille who died on the train and is rumored to be haunting it. The plot has a lot for you to go on and you get to meet some famous people and did I mention the Hardy's are a major bonus in any game they are in so yes great plot and great characters!

Lori Girard: As I previously stated she is a socialite and has a father that is wealthy. She is the reason for this exploration of Jake Hurley. I liked her a lot. Many would say yes she's spoiled and yes pretty rude. I found her to be very theatrical and funny. The only issue I have with her is that she is absentminded. Whether that is on purpose or not you will never know.

Charleena Purcell: A famous romance novelist that you have met in a previous game on the phone. Charleena is an expert on the old west so it is very fitting that HER added her to this game. The only problem with that is she seemed to not have any interest in Jake Hurley. The whole time she is writing a novel on her computer and doesn't offer much information on Jake Hurley or his wife or anything really. Nancy literally has to search for everything herself. So that was the only downside of Charleena. Yeah she is also pretty rude and full of herself but it was fun seeing her. She actually looks exactly how I pictured her to look. So good job HER!

John Grey: He is a famous ghost hunter that has his own tv show. Since their is rumors that Camille, Jake Hurley's wife is said to be haunting the train, it is also pretty fitting that he happens to be on this train. Just like with Charleena he isn't very helpful with anything but I did like him and I liked how interested in ghost hunting he is since I happen to like the paranormal as well!

Tino Balducci: Tino is a famous detective! He is pretty rude but that seems to be the trend with famous people in this game except for John Grey. I didn't like him very much because of how he speaks to Nancy but it makes sense why he was put in the game!

The Hardy Boys: We all know and love Joe and Frank Hardy. They do not disappoint at all in the game and of course as always very helpful!

Most of the game is on the train. So if you like going many places in games well this won't be one of them. It still offers a lot to see and do! Beautifully made train and each car has its own look!

Puzzles; There are quite a few puzzles. I tend to never like too many puzzles but this puzzles actually seemed to mean something to the game so I didn't mind them! They are not very hard to do either so have fun with them!

Ending: I actually was shocked at who the culprit was. I loved how they ended it and who it ended up being because I love to be shocked. I almost want to replay it just to see if I missed something because honestly I never would have guessed!

Please read the review I hope it helps you! I would say yes to buying this game and playing it you won't regret it.

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Stay tuned for an ICE review!