My last memories of this game were not super positive ones—probably because of my disposition towards treasure hunt puzzles left behind by dead people. However, after playing it again, it’s not too bad, though I do find it unexciting in parts.

Nancy is joining the Hardy Boys, who were enlisted by filthy rich wannabe Lori Gerard to uncover the secret behind 19th century miner Jake Hurley’s death and discover his gold mine. They are aboard a train that served as Jake and his wife Camille’s home as they traversed the western United States in search of gold. Lori has also enlisted some of her detective-like idols, police detective Tino Balducci, ghost hunter John Grey, and historical romance novelist, Charlena Purcell, previously a phone contact by the Secret of Shadow Ranch.

I loved the unique egotistical personalities that each of these characters have in explaining how they’re better than the other passengers. Charlena thinks that she’s above the mystery and is only taking advantage of the trip to research and write. Tino is desperately attempting to look like he knows what he’s doing. John is super chill and just doing his thing searching for ghosts. Lori is, of course, the stereotypical airheaded rich girl, but she’s still fun to talk to. And then there are, of course, the Hardy boys making their “in-person” Nancy Drew PC game debut. During a brief portion of the game, you play as Frank, but for the rest of the game they sit at a table and do research for Nancy. Even though they don’t do a whole lot, they still provide comic relief and act as the only other sane people on the train. I especially love how all the other characters downplay Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys as being amateur detectives, which makes solving this mystery even more delicious.

As mentioned before, the goal of this mystery is to discover where Jake Hurley’s goldmine is with everything needed to find it being left on the train. Nancy is essentially involved in a giant scavenger hunt around the train to put together the clues that lead to his goldmine. These types of Nancy Drew games aren’t my favorite since there’s little plot or true involvement of the characters. However, this scavenger hunt is pretty fun, because it requires searching every inch of the train to find the clues needed to solve each puzzle. Once Nancy has the clues, solving the puzzle that they relate to is a snap. The train itself is also very expansive. There are seven cars and Nancy can fully explore all but one—the sleeping car. Nancy can still walk through the sleeping car, but she can’t open any of the doors leading to the individual bunks—good thing there aren’t any important clues in them! The train also makes a stop in Copper Gorge, which is my favorite part of the game because Nancy becomes acquainted with the hilarious Fatima. Everything that comes out of this woman’s mouth is quite unpredictable.

The most disappointing part of this game is the lack of extra fun stuff. Usually a Nancy Drew game has one or two mini-games, but this one is lacking in that department. There are two games at Copper Gorge, but both are rather boring, and Nancy can’t play them until the second half of the game. This game would have been more complete with a few more added activities to help pass the time when you’re not sure what to do.

I would recommend this game for its engaging gameplay and generous amount of humor. It’s a decent enough game that deserves to be played.