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TRN: The(not so) Official Review

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  • TRN: The(not so) Official Review

    TRN: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

    Now, for those of you who don't know, TRN is considered the last great ND game made before the fall of logic and decent game-making. After TRN, things just kept getting worse and worse. But TRN, in my opinion, is definitely worth revisiting, despite criticism from *some* reviewers.

    *Note: tie between positive and negative smilies means it's a love/hate thing.


    Plot: There was no plot. Honestly. A plot simply didn't exist. The entire goal of the game kept changing from scene to scene. You're not even told what you're supposed to be doing in the first place, just explore the train. Although you get a few random snips of purpose, as soon as you get it set in your mind, 'hey, that's what I'm working towards', there's a random change and you set off in a different direction again. Plot, you sadden me. Wait, never mind, there isn't one. Plot: 2/10

    Puzzles: Don't get me wrong, seriously. I LOVE the puzzles in TRN, since the entire game is based off of them. But most of them are just way too hard and some are way too easy. As a whole, though, there are so many fun ones they mostly balance out the horrible ones. I'm a puzzle guru, but I remember how much I loathed some of the ones in TRN, even after a year. Puzzles: 8.5/10

    Characters: Although some of the characters are more interesting than others, you don't get to know any of them. They usually tell you to shove off if you try to talk to them and most of them end up mad at you, trying to kill you, or talking to themselves about ghosts. Characters: 4/10

    Suspense: There's no suspense except for the ending, though the train is occasionally creepy. There's no slimy cellar or old guy with a lantern at night, which means it's not the typical HER element. And although the graveyard outside is kinda cool, you're in it for less than 5 minutes. Lame. Suspense: 2/10

    Graphics: Well, since I'm writing this review after playing some of the best-animated games on the market, I'm super biased. But for the time that it came out, the graphics were decent. Now, though, they're atrocious. Just to be fair... Graphics: 5/10


    Setting: Here's where it gets good. Even though you're totally aggravated by being stuck on the bloody train after a while, if you're good enough at the infuriating puzzles, have awesome sleuthing skills, and someone is there next to you with a hot towel and a glass of water at all times so you're not stuck in one room for an hour like I was, the setting is so intricately crafted and changes constantly. The train is huge, though you have to unlock different things one at a time. Sadly, since you only get to experience the outside world for about an eighth of the game and only for limited times each, there's not much to work with and if you get stuck... YOU'RE STUCK. Setting: 8/10

    Ending: ENDING, ENDING, ENDING, BABY! Best ending in the series, but that's just my opinion. Although the ending in SSR was pretty dang awesome too. The ending is suspenseful, tough, and you die a lot. Takes a while to work it out. But it's pretty satisfying! Ending: 10/10

    Music: Love the music!! It's the kind where if you listen to it, it doesn't annoy you as much, unlike SSR's music, which I muted after a few minutes. I still remember it all, with the whistles and everything. Music: 10/10

    Helpers, extras, and ideas/suspense: Helpers were eh. Loved having the Hardy Boys there, but they were just sort of... lumps. Always talking to the same person every time you passed by haha. Extras were decent too; loved seeing Fontana back again in the sweet store! He reappears every once in a while. Ideas: Excellent, excellent, excellent. Very creative and interesting, though the game ideas were occasionally dull or impossible. There wasn't much suspense, though, except at the end(awesome). Helpers, extras, and ideas: 8/10

    Whew. Well, I haven't played this game in a while, so my recollection of it isn't spot-on, but I know for sure that TRN is a game that(even if you hate it while you play it) you'll remember as being amazingly fun!

    OVERALL SCORE: 8.5/10

    Last train to Blue Moon Canyon... all aboard, only $19.99 per ticket!

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    I've read the message in the haunted mansion.
    I've found the treasure in the royal tower.
    I've watched the final scene.
    I've discovered the secret of Shadow Ranch.
    I've opened the old clock.
    I've ridden the last train to Blue Moon Canyon.
    I've witnessed the danger of design.
    I've told the legend of the crystal skull.

    I'm running from the Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake.
    I'm cracking the curse of Blackmoor Manor.
    I'm searching for the white wolf of Icicle Creek.
    I'm chasing the phantom of Venice.
    I'm trapping the ghost of Castle Malloy.
    I'm preparing to attend Waverly Academy.

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    Great review!! I can't say I agree with the rating but it was the last of the best. Well put together!