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  • dance step puzzle

    Can somebody take me step by step on the dancing step puzzle
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    Originally posted by Mystery Fan 77 View Post
    If you solve the colorwheel box puzzle in Tino's car, under
    the periodic table poster, you will find a letter inside with the
    of the dance steps.

    0 A B C D E
    1 X X X X X
    2 X X X X X
    3 X X X X X
    4 X X X X X
    5 X X X X X

    LS = Left shoe, RS = Right shoe

    Using the grid above to represent the dance floor,
    here is the order of the moves:

    • LS to C2
    • RS to C1
    • LS to B1
    • RS to B1
    • LS to A2
    • RS to B3
    • LS to B4
    • RS to B4
    • RS to C4
    • RS to C4

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