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  • My Cry Review

    I hope this review helped you figure out if you like this game!

    GRAPHICS~The graphics in this were not good at all. Bad vote for this one. Everyhting was way to dark and hard to see, and there was no walking it just popped up that you were in a diffrent spot in the graveyard. RATE:4/10

    SNOOPING~ The snooping level was ok. There wasn't much to snoop in, for the house was quite small. RATE:5/10

    CHARACTERS~I absolutly loved the characters, and I found them very memorable. I just wish we knew what Mr.Bolet looked like. RATE:9/10

    STORYLINE~The storyline was good, but it was sort of boring and childish. Not that great. RATE:6/10

    SCARINESS~This one I actually found quite scary, honest opinion. Usually I don't find them scary but this wasn't that bad! RATE:7/10

    PUZZLES~The puzzles were OK, but there were sure alot of them. I wouldn't reccommend this game if your just new to the ND games. RATE:6/10

    ENDING~The ending was not good. It was over before anything exciting really. RATE:5/10

    Tips for the Game:
    -If your new to the ND games, I do NOT reccommend these games.
    -This one is actually kinda scary, so if you are really prone to freaking out, I wouldn't choose this game.

    Overall, I would give this game and 7/10

    Have fun, and just remember; This is my personal opinion, and I do not mean to offend others if they have other ones. Please do not take this the wrong way!

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