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  • xXxCRY: a review by EmxXx

    xXxCRY: a review by EmxXx

    I had a lot of fun playing CRY. There are so many plot twists that I really enjoyed. I loved how HER made Henry Bolet seem somewhat romantic and mysterious in a goth sort of way. The setting was really beautiful, even though it was dark and wet the entire game. The garden was so pretty and HER really brought in the true essence of New Orleans. The music was very catchy and gorgeous!!! =) The characters were so intricate, and had their own little problems and plots that you discovered during the game. It was like a mini soap opera at times. XD Sure, the plot was pretty simple, but, as it is in many ND games, it grew as the game progressed and turned out to be something really unique and different. Puzzles were tricky at times, but when you understand how to solve it, it's sometimes not that hard. But, WARNING: it may take a long time. I had to go get some spoilers a couple of times, but I'm hoping to do Senior Mode without spoilers.Fingers crossed! There are other really cool parts about this game, but I'll let you find out for yourself when you play Nancy Drew: The Legend of the Crystal Skull. Enjoy!

    --HER for the amazing game!
    --Nancywantclues (Cou) for this breathtaking color combo!
    But, Thornton Hall isn’t exactly a breath of fresh air.
    The murky air and the shadows that followed only seemed to muddle my brain more.
    The possibility that Clara’s death was not murder was starting to become more than a plain consideration.
    <<.return home.>> is coming back to the alternate ending boards

    (in the meanwhile, catch up on chapters 1-9 here)
    stay tuned... ;-)


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