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A Review of CRY!

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  • prettyvacant
    great review (: i liked all of the details and ratings you provided. this game was one of my favorites.

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  • anirtak59
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  • anirtak59
    started a topic A Review of CRY!

    A Review of CRY!

    Hello, Everyone! Welcome to my review of Legend of the Crystal Skull! As a review writer, these are my promises to you:
    I will be honest, not sugar-coating anything. You can always trust my judgement!
    I will never, ever include spoilers in my reviews!
    That said, enjoy!

    The Plot- 10/10
    Off to New Orleans! Nancy travels to check in on Ned's friend, Henry Bolet, but it turns into another mystery! Henry's uncle, Bruno Bolet, recently passed away, and in his possesion was a crystal skull believed to give the owner immortal life. But it is nowhere to be found- who took it --- and why?

    The Suspects/Characters- 10/10
    Here are the characters in this game...
    Bess Marvin No, we don't get to see Bess, but she is now more than a phone friend! We actually get to play as Bess! Talk about awesome! Bess is not a suspect, which goes without saying.
    Gilbert Buford A fun old guy who hangs out by the gumbo truck. He also happens to be Bruno's doctor... He's really enjoyable to talk to, but does that mean he's hiding something?
    Henry Bolet Henry does not seem to care for his uncle very much. He says that's because they weren't very close. Or is he just lying to cover up the fact that he stole the crystal skull?
    Lamont Warrick An eccentric man who owns Zeke's, a shop that deals in antiques. He seems to avoid specific topics, particularly Bruno Bolet... why?
    Renee Amande A very odd old woman who spends most of her time in the backyard. She provides Nancy with a strange concoction in the beginning of the game, and in her room are strange dolls and voodoo symbols... What's really going on here?

    The Graphics- 10/10
    The graphics were very realistic, especially the rain and lightning! Brilliant on HeR's part!

    Phone Friends- 10/10
    Basically, you can speak to Bess, as I mentioned before, to play as her. But you can also speak to Professor Hotchkiss from Treasure in the Royal Tower! How cool! There is also a number for a taxi company, but you can never get one because Nancy's working on the case. Also, you can speak to good ol' Ned!

    The Music- 10/10
    I loved the music! It was creepy and suspenseful when it needed to be, but cheery and fun like New Orleans, too!

    The Sound Effects- 10/10
    The sound effects were excellent! The thunder and lightning sounded great!

    The Snooping- 10/10
    Wow! This game had great opportunities for snooping! Particularly Lamont...without spoilers, it was a hilarious way to snoop in his area!

    Overall- 10/10
    Considering that every aspect got a perfect score, the overall score is also a ten! This was a fabulous game! If you do not own it already, take it from me: It is highly recommended!

    I hope you enjoyed my CRY review! Comments are greatly appreciated! Thank You, Everyone!

    Stay Tuned For
    My Review of ICE!!!