Story: Ned has asked you, as Nancy, to check up on his friend Henry Bolet whose Uncle and only relative just died, during you and Bess’ trip to New Orleans. But when you come to Henry’s house, the first thing that happens is you get kocked out by…a skeleton man?

Henry Bolet, a kind of goth, depressing young man who is Ned’s friend from school. He doesn’t seem very upset about his Uncle’s death…but maybe there’s more than meets the eye?
Renne Amande, the housekeeper. She’s working off her already-paid wage to Henry…or is she?
Dr. Gilbert Buford, he’s Bruno Bolet(Henry’s uncle)’s doctor, well, until Bruno died, he apparently was coming to check up on Bruno when he died…suspicious yet?
Lamont Warrick, the man who owns “Zeke’s”, a curio shop right across from Bess’ hotel. Could he have something to do with Bruno’s death, maybe hoping he’d sell Bruno’s “Crystal Skull” for a tidy sum?

Well, i have to say, from the beginning i had a feeling this game would be incredibly boring, be easy to finish, and be completely awful. The only reason i played it was because i was borrowing it from my aunt.

In the end though, it was cool. It's one of my favorites, and is one of the most challenging ones i've beat(unfortunately, "The Curse of Blackmoor Manor" and "The Haunting of Castle Malloy" are currently beyond my abilities.)
My one problem was how obvious the culprit was to me, i felt like i knew who it was all along, but perhaps that's just me
I think it's a game worth buying(coming from someone who's only ever bought 1 Nancy Drew game, thanks to their sister!)
This is, all in all, a very good Nancy Drew game and one of my favorites! Go Henry Bolet! My favorite Emo/Goth person ever!

Ups of this game: Fun challenges and puzzles; you get some good reading material if you're studying to be a dentist; An awesome main character(Henry)

Downs of this game: The culprit was kind of obvious; One puzzle was almost impossible unless you're studying to be a dentist.

Star Review: 1/2

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