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#17: Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull Review~

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  • #17: Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull Review~

    ~Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull Review ~

    Plot: Bruno Bolet was the proud owner of the "Whisperer," a crystal skull rumored to protect its holder from almost any cause of death - except murder. When Bruno passed away, his nephew Henry came to wrap up his affairs, but he couldn't find the skull among the clutter of the creepy Bolet manor. You'll need to team up with Nancy's best friend Bess Marvin to find this mystical artifact before it falls into the wrong hands in Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull!

    I thought the plot was a little strange. Like it didn't make sense at first, but though the game it did. (7/10

    Characters: There's only 4 characters in this game, but they were pretty good. Henry Bolet is cute! Renee is freaky. (8/10

    Backgrounds/Graphics: Beautiful! The game takes place at night so it's not bright, but the game looked relisic. (10/10

    Puzzles: The puzzles were amazing! They were fun and understanding. The game isn't hard, but it's not easy too! And that's what I liked about it. (10/10

    Phone Calls: You can call Ned, Bess and Professior Hotchkiss from TRT. Which was AWESOME! (10/10

    Music/Switching: The music was amazing as well. And you switch as Bess in this game. It wasn't like CRE where it was annoying, but I still liked it. Bess was funny. (9/10

    Ending:/Overall: The ending was a little strange, just like the game in genral. The whole game had a scary theme to it. But the ending was still good. Overall this game was so much fun I didn't want it to end. (9/10