Well, I've been posting my reviews of games in the "classic" series, so I figured I should post some from the "new" series for good measure.

This game - oh my did I enjoy this game! This game alone had rekindled my interest in the series as a whole after I had begun to lose it. It created one of the best atmospheres ever created in the series.

For one - this is one of the games that has very successfully used the "Nancy going on vacation then finding a mystery" plot. I must say from the initial intro, I was drawn into this game and it was hard to pull me out of it.

For one - Bruno Bolet has quite a house, and he led a very interesting life from the looks of this game. And I found it fascinating the find out about details of this man's life as you play the game. The characters in this game were extremely interesting and some of the best HER has ever made.

The setting of New Orleans? Perfect! New Orleans has always fascinated me, and diving into the graveyards and voodoo really was interesting. The curio in the French Quarter really had the biggest New Orleans feel to it. The music in this game is rarely ever heard due to loud background noise, but some, such as "Bayou" and "Curio" really highlight the music of New Orleans, and I loved it. There's also plenty of spooky-sounding tracks to highlight the atmosphere as well. Although sometimes music did not play at fitting moments! :P The easy-going "Curio" theme was heard while I was climbing through the house and the "Enigma" theme was heard at the Curio...quite out of place. :P But don't blame the developers for that, I still loved the music. Probably some of the best music in the entire series.

The puzzles - this game had the most of almost any in the series, and it was definitely engaging. None of the puzzles felt like "chores" like they have been in games such as Scarlet Hand and Icicle Creek, which get really repetitive fast. There were some puzzles that were very difficult, and some that you use gameplay skills more so than logic to solve.

The Bolet Mansion was one of the creepiest houses that the HER team has created in its history of making creepy houses for Nancy to explore. It definitely feels full of secrets, and the fact that the massive graveyard was nearby definitely created one of the spookiest atmospheres ever. I loved how the only light was candlelight. The upstairs rooms were probably the creepiest in the house, but I won't give them away.

Overall, my rating - 10/10. One of the most perfect titles in the series. I honestly don't have many complaints. The final puzzle wasn't one of my favorites, but definitely, it still was great.

Well done HER. Titles like this are the ones you should be the most proud of, and when I finished this game I felt an extreme sense of accomplishment. :P

If you like ND and haven't played this, what do you think you're doing?!!