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  • Legend of the Crystal Skull Review

    My CRY Review

    Nancy Drew The Legend of the Crystal Skull was a good game, but of course, it had some flaws. If you want to skip right to the helpful stuff, just scroll down to "Overall."

    Characters: Great! They had personalities, looked fairly realistic, not too much talking. (9/10)

    Setting/Graphics: Graphics were good, and portrayed New Orleans very well. Rain obviously CGI, could've done better. Also, I kept on getting lost in the cemetary, but I'm bad at navigating, so it would've been nice to have a map for those of us who are directionally challenged (Me!). EDIT: Ok, haha! Almost a year later I have realized that they did give us a map... lol.(8/10)

    Puzzles/Games/Activities: Not too many puzzles, in my opinion, but there were some challenging ones like skeeball, graveyard digging, and the table puzzle. There were very clever tricks and stuff that were not exactly easy to figure out. Fun though. (8/10)

    Objective/Storyline: Eh. I found it very annoying, because the whole point of the game was to find 25 or so glass eyes in order to reveal to location of the infamous crystal skull known as the Whisperer, which you don't even know for sure if Bruno Bolet ever owned. I found it boring after a while, but still fun. I probably won't replay it that much, if at all. (6/10)

    Overall: Overall, this was a good game, but not great. The main focus of the game was collecting glass eyes, which got old after a while. Some puzzles were very challenging, but others were too easy. The characters were great, and the graphics were good too. I did like the little bit of fear factor in it as well, but I won't tell you what I mean. It wasn't the scariest game, or the best thought-out game, but it was fun. (7.75/10)

    I tried to keep this review straight to the point, so it is lacking the exact details, but you get the point. ;)
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