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.~.~The CRYstal Skull Had Been cry review.~.~

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  • .~.~The CRYstal Skull Had Been cry review.~.~

    Summary: Nancy goes to New Orleans to help a friend of Ned after his Great Uncle Bruno passes away. When she arrives, a cloaked figure attacks her, and is trying to steal one of Bruno's possessions: a rare crystal skull, granting it's owner to live eternal life.

    Plot[10/10]: This game had a really interesting plot not often used in games. It involves two mysteries that tie in, which makes for a lot more secrets and suprises.

    Characters[9/10]: These characters were very detailed and had interesting personalities. It suprised me about everything these characters were dealing with, thought, and were hiding.

    Puzzles[1/10]: These puzzles were fairly easy, and most of them only involved receiving something for a huge puzzle in the end. Only some of them gave you a more significant item. I didn't need any help with these puzzles.

    Setting[8.5/10]: These places you could visit were very interesting. From a bog to a knick-knack store, these settings were basically almost like New Orleans, if not exact. They also were very detailed.

    Music[1/10]:This music dissapointed me. It wasn't interesting, scary, or anything. It was just very bland.

    Scare Factor[4/10]: This game isn't scary, but more creepy in a Someone-is-watching-me way. While it was spooky, in no way was it scream-worthy, although I did get shivers up my spine.

    Snooping[10/10]: YES! While there was no much snooping, you would discover very interesting things, and get into very interesting circumstances.

    End[6.10]:This game had a very suprising culprit. However, stopping the culprit was very easy and didn't require much thinking.

    Overall[10/10]: This was definately one of my favorites. It was so interesting, but while I didn't learn a lot, I did find it a scavenger hunt. It was so fun, and it was all worth it at the end.
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    Excellent review!