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    This was a fun and interesting game. I found a few pros and cons with it.


    I loved the idea of having a lot of exotic pets, like a spider, iguana, alligator, wasps. It made it more challenging, esp to try to kill the wasps just to feed Iggy, the iguana. Sometimes it took forever. I thought Iggy was a very adorable asset to the game as we got to dress him up in little costumes. Very cute and Bernie, the alligator, I just decided to see what would happen if he decided to eat me. LOL All in the fun of it.

    You got to play Bess part of the game. She got to eat at restaurant and try the "spicy" food. Very fun to play someone else at times.

    If you love sweet stuff, I loved eating a lot of candy bars and gumballs, Probably would have a huge stomach ache.

    Search for the crystal skull was fun. Puzzles were fairly easy. I loved the tabletop top game, cemetery scavenger hunt, pinball machine, the dummy (which was a bit spooky), and searching for all the glass eyes (which some were a bit challenging to look for), playing music to scare the spider, swatting wasps (which took forever).

    And as you played Bess, she had to distract Lamont, infiltrate a meeting, got to eat different New Orleans food, and the chain reaction game was a cool thing to do. I also loved the different powders to try out at store, esp the giggling one. Listening to Bess giggle cracked me up.

    Walking through the cemetery made a sort of scary experience.

    The characters I liked were Lamont and Henry. They both were funny and interesting.

    Graphics were good and music put it in that spooky mood.


    There were 4 characters but basically Nancy only communicated with two, Henry and Renee. She talked to the doctor over phone but Bess conversed with Lamont and the doctor so there could have been more for Nancy to converse with besides just Henry and Renee. I think she could have taken a trip and visited Lamont's store as well.

    Why when Nancy made a phone call, the cab company number was listed but you could never take the cab anywhere due to inclement weather? Would of been fun to call the cab and have them take you somewhere.

    On the cemetery model, the tree moved, the fountain glowed, the alligator moved, etc but in the real cemetery only the alligator was alive. It would have been fun to include a puzzle with the fountain and tree involved as they were on the model itself.

    I think the ending was a bit dumb. I would have hoped the alligator would have ate the culprit. That would have put a scary ending to the story.

    The culprit was very predictable. I really only out of the 4 would have thought 2 and the one I picked was the culprit after all. I like the ones where there is more suspects to mingle with. I think 5 or 6 is a much better number. Gives us more people to choose from.

    In the garden, there was plants but Renee didn't have us do anything with them.

    In other words, when there is something to click on, make it a part of the story that Nancy needs to solve and make more suspects for us to pick from.

    Other than that all was good and I enjoyed it very much.
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