I really enjoy this game. I really love that it takes place in New Orleans most especially and also playing as Bess. The characters in this game are very unique and different from one another.

Henry Bolet is Ned's classmate who recently lost his uncle Bruno. Despite the fact that Henry can be negative sometimes he's still an interesting character. Lamont is the owner of Zekes curio shop and his store is packed with the weirdest stuff ever. Lamont is always looking for a treasure among all of the junk. Renee is the housekeeper and spends a lot of time with plants. She's the weirdest character in this game. She was also a bit much at times during the game in the ways she would talk about certain things in the game. Dr. Gilbert Buford is Bruno's doctor and confidant. He was your typical old fashion gentleman and fun to talk to.

I wish we could of seen more of the city of city of New Orleans in the game. I think the really should of showcased the city in all of its glory instead of hiding it. The collection of the fake eyeballs was a little gross and the bowling puzzle took too long to finish. All in all this is a really fun game and has great complexity and dimension.

So I give Legend of the Crystal Skull an 8 out of 10.