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    THE PLOT: This plot holds a dear place in my heart (it’s possibly my favorite). Nancy and Bess are going on a vacation to New Orleans, but while they are out there Ned wants Nancy to check on a friend from college, Henry Bolet, who recently lost his only living relative. But while in New Orleans, Nancy realizes that there is a lot more going on than a simple death of the infamous Dr. Bolet. In a quick sentence, this plot is basically a good deed that led to an investigation.

    THE CHARACTERS: There wasn’t a whole ton of characters in this game, which I kind of liked. You didn’t constantly have to hear the same version of the story from a bunch of different people (as you have had to do in other previous games). I also really enjoyed how some of the characters you had to talk through Bess, and others through Nancy. It added a nice mix up to the game.
    Henry Bolet is..oh my, I don’t even know how to describe him. The first time I ever played this game, my heart absolutely went out to him. He lost his parents when he was young, his only relative just died, he had a terrible girlfriend who only use him, and he really didn’t have any friends. He just seemed to have a mess of a life, but I think that made me like him more in a way. I enjoyed talking to him, and I often found myself clicking on him just to see if there were any other conversations that we could have :wink1: He has this sort of dry humor, and he’s always making sly comments about Dr. Bolet, his pets, and even Renee. I always got a chuckle out of it. I also loved how he was different physically than the types of characters we’re used to seeing. I mean, he had a tattoo, had the messy boy black hair, and he was just a really chill guy most of the time. It was a nice refreshing change.
    Renee is Dr. Bolet’s house keeper, and she gave me an odd feeling from the moment I met her. But what I did like about her, is that with her, hoodoo and other New Orleans type of culture was shown in the game. She believed in hoodoo, and it was interesting to see what she did with it throughout the game, and how it influenced her.
    Dr. Buford was Dr. Bruno Bolet’s doctor and pretty much only friend. You talk to him through Bess, and I just love this old man. He seems like such a kind, respectable gentleman. Even after you find out some of his secrets, he does his best to make amends for it. I mean, he is only human.
    Lamont was probably my favorite character out of the game. He runs Zeke’s curio shop. Now to me it was pretty obvious that most of the stuff in his shop was fake (especially if you look in his back room he has a toaster with stencils ) but he made a good point in saying that people really do believe in that stuff. I always felt bad for him too, but because of how Bess had to kind of mess with him in order to snoop around his shop. He honestly just seemed like a really cool dude to me.

    THE PUZZLES: Alright, this section is a bit tricky for me. For me personally, I like to be able to solve puzzles on my own, with maybe a few hints. I think it helps make me feel like there is more of a solid purpose. There were some puzzles that were fairly easy to figure out or reasonable, but then there were others that were just down right absurd. For example, most puzzles you could figure out by looking through books, calling other people, or even just texting it out randomly (the spider puzzle, the clock puzzle, Renee’s trunk [this would be the random one], and the book in a box puzzle. Others just seemed unnecessary. The graveyard search was probably the one that seemed to bother me the most. While the puns were clever and very funny, it got too be so annoying having to go to one grave, then go back to the house, look in the book for a name, go back out to the cemetery, and repeat. Half of the time I got lost in the cemetery, and towards the end I just didn’t want to bother anymore so I went online for a spoiler. Then there was the eye direction puzzle. I might just have been neglecting some information, but I didn’t even bother with trying to solve it myself, I just went right to a spoiler. Like I said before, I like trying to figure out a puzzle on my own. It just makes it seem more real to me.

    THE SETTING: I definitely enjoyed the setting. It was dark, mysterious, and set the whole mood for the game. I also loved that it was raining (not sure why though ) There was also a lot of places to explore in this game such as the graveyard, the garden, the Bolet house, and Zeke’s shop. It was just nice to have the switch up of locations. I honestly can’t think of a complaint I have about the setting.

    THE SNOOPING: It’s hard for me to say that there was a lot of just snooping in this game, because I saw it more as exploring and snooping. You do get to snoop in Renee’s room, which I really liked, and you have to figure out how to open her trunk and can snoop through her things. There is a conversation between Henry and Summer that you get to hear too. Also, when you play as Bess you get to snoop through Lamont’s back room (and I LOVE how you had to figure out ways to get in the back). However, everything else I would call exploring. You get to explore all parts and aspects of the graveyard, which I did enjoy! You also get to explore the different rooms in the house. And just so everyone is clear, for me snooping is doing something you shouldn’t be (ex. Looking through peoples stuff, breaking into rooms, hiding from other people), exploring is more searching around rooms with no consequence. I hope that makes sense.

    THE SCARE FACTOR: Now please keep in mind, I am easily scared, so this game always gave me the creeps. First of all, the game had a warning to turn off all of the lights (which I loved!), and the first moment of walking into the house practically made me jump out of my seat. There was also that creepy dummy, which wasn’t really scary, but just reaaaaally creepy. There wasn’t much more jumping out at you kind of scaring, but the whole rest of the game I just always felt like something bad was about to happen. It definitely succeeded in the creepy factor.

    THE ENDING: The ending to me seemed highly implausible. While I loved the story and the thrill of the chase, it just didn’t seem like that everything that happened was actually realistic, especially when it comes to the location of the skull. As for the culprit, I was a bit surprised at first, but then I realized that the person always had stuck out in the back of my mind. It clicked, and it made sense. At the very end, I was definitely rooting for Bernie :crocodile: and again, even though it is a bit eccentric, it was a funny and ironic ending.

    THE EXTRAS: First of all, I really enjoyed being able to play as Bess in this game. I thought it was a neat and impressive addition, and I loved seeing other characters react to Bess. I also loved the gumbo stand. I made Bess eat each item with hot sauce on it and she ended up burping fire It’s just funny little things like that that I really like to see. Iggy and Bernie were also nice additions to the game. I thought it was so adorable how we got to dress up Iggy, but I was impressed that she was trained as well. While we didn’t do much with Bernie, I just found amusement in the fact that he loved marshmallows so much. I truly think this game did fantastic job with the cute little extras.

    THE OVERALL SCORE: Overall, this game had well developed and interesting characters, a very interesting setting, a good plot, but some crazy puzzles and unpractical things. Therefore, my final score of this game is an 8/10. I always enjoy replaying this game, and I highly recommend others to do so too! I find that it gets easier to enjoy the game when you replay it, because you just get to sit back and enjoy the mystery as everything unfolds.

    Well, I’d be happy to hear from anyone on their opinions, thoughts, and suggestions on improvements! Happy sleuthing!


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    Hey, mysteryhelp279! Awesome review!

    Yes, I agree! Henry's story really hit home with me as well... So touching!

    Anyway, loved the review! Great organization and attention to detail...
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      Wow, thank you so much CandyDrizzle821! I'm so glad you liked it, and that you agreed about Henry's story. Like I said, I always felt sorry for him. But thanks again for commenting, it means a lot to me!



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        I love this review! There were so many things that I agreed with you on, and your explanations and descriptions for all of the categories were great!

        I especially love what you said about the characters. I like how you mentioned Henry's cool design and how he was dealing with a lot. He's definitely the one character who stands out the most in this game, and he's really fun to talk to. I agree with you on his dry humor; I find myself laughing a little towards some of his responses. I also agree with what you said on Dr. Buford. I too think of him as a very kind gentleman, and your description was just perfect. And I ALSO agree on Lamont. He's a really nice and fun character, but I too feel bad for him whenever Bess has to snoop.

        Speaking of snoop, I really like your definition of snooping vs. exploring. I've never really thought about what exactly makes them different, but I think you're right in how exploring is more just roaming around, looking around with nothing at stake and with snooping, there are potential consequences. :D

        I agree so much on the puzzles and setting, and I loved how you mention the rain. I think adding rain was a really great touch for this game.

        I'm easily scared too, and when I first played this game, I was only freaked out by the beginning of the game. But in more recent years, I get really creeped out playing. I think it's a combination of the music and the dim lighting inside the mansion (not to mention, those glass eyes are creepy!). So you're not the only one; this is definitely a more eerie game. :D

        Overall, absolutely wonderful review! I'm looking forward to your next one.
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