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    Legend of the Crystal Skull: released in October 2007

    Based on the Book: The Mardi Gras Mystery (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #81, published in 1988)

    How Closely Does the Game Follow the Book?: Not very closely. They both take place in New Orleans, but that's pretty much the only similarity.

    Location: New Orleans, LA

    The Mystery/Crime: Who is the Skeleton Man? Did he/she cause the death of Dr. Bolet?

    Mode Of Transportation: N/A (Nancy and Bess walk everywhere)

    Is there an alarm clock in this game?: No

    What is learned about in this game?: The crystal skulls legend, teeth, Jean Lafitte

    Brief Plot Synopsis: Nancy and Bess travel to New Orleans for vacation. Nancy checks up on a friend of Ned's as a favor to Ned. While there, she is knocked out by someone in a skeleton costume. She stays at the house to find out who was in the skeleton costume and why he/she attacked her.

    Brief Character Synopsis:

    Gilbert Buford - The deceased Bruno Bolet's doctor
    Actor I would cast to play him if it were a live-action movie or TV show: Danny Glover

    Henry Bolet - A classmate of Ned's; Bruno Bolet's great-nephew and heir
    Actor I would cast to play him if it were a live-action movie or TV show: David Henrie

    Lamont Warrick - owner of Zeke's Curio Shop
    Actor I would cast to play him if it were a live-action movie or TV show: Martin Bats Bradford

    Renee Amande- Bruno's housekeeper and gardener
    Actress I would cast to play her if it were a live-action movie or TV show: Diane Ladd

    Phone Characters:

    Chas Milo - authenticator who investigates whether or not the skull is real

    Beatrice Hotchkiss - history professor and expert on the crystal skulls legend

    Bess Marvin - Nancy's friend (you also play as Bess in parts of this game)

    Ned Nickerson - Nancy's boyfriend

    Other characters:

    Bruno's pets (Bernie the alligator, Iggy the iguana, the spider)

    Gumbo stand worker

    My favorite quote:

    "The guy I bought this place from wouldn't sell it to me unless I swore I wouldn't change the name. So I didn't. Funny thing was, his name wasn't Zeke either" - Lamont Warrick, when Bess asks him why his shop is called Zeke's

    My Thoughts
    : I enjoy this game quite a bit. It's not one of my absolute favorites, but I like it. The main thing I didn't like about it was that it had too many puzzles for me and a few of them were quite difficult. Other than that I enjoyed it. I liked the plot and the characters. Hotchkiss and Lamont were funny. Henry was portrayed well (goth but not over-the-top). I liked playing as Bess for a bit. I liked the setting and the environment - the way it was animated as dark and rainy and dreary was refreshingly different. I particularly liked the cemetery scavenger hunt and finding the painted conk mushrooms. I also thought the model cemetery was really cool. Overall, I think this is a pretty fun game.

    My random comment: I was very disappointed that I dressed the iguana up in all the costumes and didn't get anything. I was hoping for an Easter egg or at least a trophy/award at the end for doing it.

    My Rating: 7.5/10