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The Legends are True—this game is pretty cool

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  • The Legends are True—this game is pretty cool

    The first time I played this game, I wasn’t wildly enthused it. In fact, the story seemed kind of boring, but I had just gotten it for Christmas so of course I was going to play it. I remember liking it more than I thought I would. Playing it again has reinforced that liking by ten-fold. This is a well-rounded Nancy Drew game that I would highly recommend.

    First positive is that you play as both Nancy and Bess. Nancy is at the Bolet house visiting Ned’s friend, and Bess is in a hotel in the French Quarter. There is so much to explore in and around the Bolet house—the vast cemetery is especially cool. The only part that concerns me about this house is that there doesn’t seem to be a bathroom or a kitchen, or at least a door to any such room. On Bess’ side of things, gameplay is limited to exploring the curio shop across the street, but I love how you’re able to click around and examine different things in the shop instead of being confined to clicking the objects that progress the game.

    There are also a lot of enjoyable and unique puzzles in this game, and they’re not all puzzles where you’re staring at a box, or a piece of machinery trying to make it open up or work using the instructions on the screen. For most of the puzzles, there’s clues around the house that are used to piece together how they work. One of my favorite puzzles is one that involves using clues found on headstones in the cemetery—it is clever and nothing like what I’ve come across in any other Nancy Drew game. My other favorite puzzle is the Rube Goldberg machine that Bess sets up. Though it can be a little frustrating, it’s a fun puzzle that I also have not encountered in any other Nancy Drew games.

    The puzzles in the house and cemetery are all left behind by Dr. Bruno Bolet, whose death was what prompted Nancy to visit his great nephew, Henry. Normally, I’m not a big fan of these puzzles in Nancy Drew Games because they’re usually unrelated to the initial mystery that Nancy’s trying to solve. However, this grand puzzle is appropriate for the game since Bruno recently passed, and his passing is the reason for Nancy’s visit.

    Relating to that, the storyline is stellar in this game. There’s a nice balance of story that’s told between the characters and the clues that Nancy finds, and they all tie together well. The characters are also interesting and enjoyable to talk to. Henry has a pleasant careless demeanor. Renée is accommodating and shares entertaining details about Bruno and the house. Dr. Buford is also kind and helpful. Lamont is a minor character compared to the other three, but his quirky personality is just as prominent and is a positive addition to the game.

    Lastly, there are some other cool parts of the game that make it one of my favorites. Nancy interacts with Professor Hotchkiss, which is a throwback to Treasure in a Royal Tower. There’s an iguana that can be dressed up. I also loved being able to sample gumballs, gumbo, and chocolate bars. The only downsides of this game is that there aren’t any fun mini games. The only ones present are skee ball and the wasp shooter (Pro tip: Wasp shooter is really easy to win if you use a touch screen. ), both of witch are rather dull.

    In summary, this is not your typical Nancy Drew game. It is above average, and I would highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy challenging puzzles and a great story.
    I discovered that Secrets can Kill. I Stayed Tuned for Danger. I read the Message in a Haunted Mansion. I uncovered the Treasure in a Royal Tower. I watched the Final Scene. I washed away the Secret of the Scarlet Hand. I pet the Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. I rode the Haunted Carousel. I dodged the Danger on Deception Island. I lassoed the Secret of Shadow Ranch. I overcame the Curse of Blackmoor Manor. I unwound the Secret of the Old Clock. I traveled on the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. I unveiled the Danger by Design. I captured the Creature of Kapu Cave. I discussed politics with the White Wolf of Icicle Creek. I unearthed the Legend of the Crystal Skull. I unmasked the Phantom of Venice. I exposed the Haunting of Castle Malloy. I paid the Ransom of the Seven Ships. I heeded the Warnings of Waverly Academy. I chased the Trail of the Twister. I stood in the Shadow at the Water’s Edge. I shattered the Captive Curse. I upheld the Alibi in Ashes. I opened the Tomb of the Lost Queen. I condemned the Deadly Device. I sang to the Ghost of Thornton Hall. I did justice for the Silent Spy. I repaired the Shattered Medallion. I navigated the Labyrinth of Lies. I illuminated the Sea of Darkness. I was awake at Midnight in Salem.