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What did you think of this game? (NO spoilers please)

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  • Gave it a 5. This was my least favorite game. I didn't think it was so interesting and it was dark, but not really that scary which was a bit of a disappointment. There were much better games than this :/


    • I gave this game a 9. I loved the setting, playing as Bess, the puzzles were challenging, but not impossible. And the ending was pretty good. But there was one bittersweet thing that both ruined and perfected the game at the same time. Henry. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Henry! I have never wanted to jump into a ND game more than during this game. Henry is HOT and sounds like he needs a hug. The problem is, I was always centered on getting back to talking to Henry. The actual mystery solving got in the way of my Henry time! lol. Overall, the game is my new favorite, I just wish there was more Henry time.


      • I gave this game a 9. I would have given it a ten were it not for the hoodoo. Renee was a little bit obsessed with that, and it drove me nuts. But this is one of my favorite games Her has made. Great job, Her!
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        • This game sooo obsessed with the dead so I give it a 7.
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          • I loved this game. This is definitely in my top 3 or 5 games. It was eerie, but not terribly scary.
            The setting was awesome as well, and I really enjoyed the characters.

            My only thing was there seemed to be almost too many eyes to collect. And I really did not care for the Ski-ball puzzle.

            But other than that. I LOVED this game.
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            • 9/10

              I have to say this one was more on the darkside of ND games. But it made it really interesting.

              I really enjoyed the setting of New Orleans. Ever since the movie Skeleton Key that area has really creeped me out; this game wasn't any difference.

              This game made me jump and I was always on edge. But I loved it!


              • Gave this one a 9!

                Wasn't necessarily scary, but it was definitely (and delightfully!) creepy! I enjoyed the (sometimes morbid) humor. I liked the plot, and LOVED the characters! I do hope we'll see them again in future ND games!

                Puzzles weren't necessarily hard, but they weren't easy either.

                If your considering buying it, go for it!! Its worth it, trust me.


                • Good game! 9!

                  I am not one to enjoy the scary games, though I've tried hard to get into them. This game gave me the chills but it wasn't too scary which I appreciated. It was very creepy, yes, but I could handle it, and I get scared just off of movie commercials! I even managed to play it at night.

                  The characters were great. Some a bit annoying, but still good.

                  The eyeballs part was okay. My least favorite part was the graveyard because it was creepy, haha, but nothing bad happened so I lived!

                  As far as I remember I think I made it through a good amount of this game by myself, and it was a lot of fun! The puzzles were good, I LOVED the house, I loved playing Bess and getting to explore the store...the hoodoo was interesting and something new. I thought by the end of this game I'd hate, but I ended up liking it a lot. I think I'll play it again soon (it's been about 2 years since I first played it).

                  I gave it a 9 :) Give us more games like this! Creepy, but not scary!


                  • i gave this game a 6. I didn't really like it at all. I didn't like the atmosphere it was really gloomy and it was always raining.
                    I did like how you could buy gumbo from the gumbo stand!!
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                    • Loved it!

                      I really liked the mystery and the New Orleans setting. I wish that there had been a little more character interaction, but otherwise it was really neat. It would've been nice to get more information out of Henry, but I did like exploring on my own. The graphics were great!
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                      • Loved it!!

                        It is definitely in my top 5 ND's. I loved the whole New Orleans feel, especially at the gumbo stand. I played the whole game in the dark and it totally added to the creepy atmosphere of the house. I gave the game an 8 out of 10.


                        • Been a while....

                          I have not played this in years (I think since it came out honestly) and the reason being is that the puzzles were tedious! Loved the look of the game, the theme, the characters, but waaaay too many puzzles.

                          Surprised its rated highly. Gave it a 5!


                          • Awesome game! One of my favorites! I gave it an 8.
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                            • Originally posted by Shejone View Post
                              I have not played this in years (I think since it came out honestly) and the reason being is that the puzzles were tedious! Loved the look of the game, the theme, the characters, but waaaay too many puzzles.

                              Surprised its rated highly. Gave it a 5!
                              Me too! Just played it for the first time - I gave it a 4. I actually liked a number of things about this game (switching from Nancy to Bess, southern weather & creatures, New Orleans food, a crooked house with odd features, etc), but the whole searching for glass **** the entire game, too many references to "hoodoo..." The plot just wasn't my cup of tea.
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