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  • CRY Review! Great!

    Legend of the Crystal Skull

    Plot:From this website-
    Bruno Bolet was the proud owner of the "Whisperer," a crystal skull rumored to protect its holder from almost any cause of death - except murder. When Bruno passed away, his nephew Henry came to wrap up his affairs, but he couldn't find the skull among the clutter of the creepy Bolet manor. You'll need to team up with Nancy's best friend Bess Marvin to find this mystical artifact before it falls into the wrong hands in Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull!

    Bruno Bolet : He passed away, and left some of his estate to nephew.

    Henry Bolet Jr: Bruno's nephew, he now owns the place. His parents also passed away.

    Renee Amande: She was Bruno's housekeeper. She knows much about the past with Bruno.

    Lamont Warwick: He owns a store named Zeke's. He has a bunch of weird, random stuff in his shop.

    Dr. Buford: He was Bruno's doctor, and friend. He also knew about the skull.

    The graphics in this game were great! You can see the expressions of the characters very well, it was just very good.

    The puzzles in this game were good, like graveyard hunts, riddles, and stuff. They were kinda hard, but not like CUR.

    The setting matched the feeling of the game, and I liked the fact that it was raining with thunder and lightning. It really brings the creepiness for the game.

    I barely heard the music in this game with all that rain, thunder, and lightning. So I'll skip this one.

    This game is ok with the scariness. The beginning really caught my attention! But other than that, the game is not that scary. But I guess it depends on how scared you get.

    This was a let down. I won't spoil anything. I like the "things" you do before it's the end though. I won't say anything about the culprit.

    This game was a good game, and I would give it a
    8 or 7.9/10

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    Great review. I like that there was hardly any music and more sounds of nature.
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