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  • The Thorough Review of CRY

    I know everybody is already doing reviews for this, but I just wanted to voice my opinion, but in a more thorough and spoiler-free way! :D

    I'll bring up different points of the game, do my description of how I thought of it, and when you're done reading, you can consider buying the game yourself 8D!

    Okay, here we go....


    What it is: Nancy's boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, has a (sort of) friend at his school (or was it college?) named Henry Bolet. Henry is the heir to most of the stuff from his now-dead uncle, Bruno Bolet. Bruno had died from a mysterious heart attack, but before he claimed he possessed something known as the Whisperer, one of the legendary Crystal Skulls, but now it's missing! So Ned asks Nancy and her friend Bess Marvin, while visiting New Orleans for a weekend holiday, to go to the Bolet Manor and check up on Henry. This leads to another mystery about finding that Skull!
    What I thought: I thought the storyline was pretty good. But, it pretty much had the scenario of that old eccentric man (Bruno Bolet) who had a secret treasure (The Crystal Skull), and hid it somewhere (Who knows where?!) and left dozens of clues around in order to find it! Although, I do like the storyline myself.


    What it is:There are many characters. One is Henry Bolet, the deceased Bruno's nephew, the old Southern housekeeper, Renee Armade, Bruno's best friend, Dr. Gilbert Buford, and a storekeeper of a place called Zeke's, Lamont Warrick. Plus there is Bess Marvin who you get to control to go to places around the hotel they're in, since Nancy gets stuck at the Bolet Manor.
    What I thought:
    Henry Bolet: Henry's your average early-twenties emo kid. His parents died when he was younger, and he spent most of his life in a boarding school, after he was put under care of the now deceased Bruno. He doesn't technically grieve much over the death of his uncle, but he claims they were never close. But I still thought he was cool.
    Renee Armade: She's a Southern middle-aged woman who was Bruno's housekeeper. She is a tad strange sometimes, practicing the arts of hoodoo and believing in cosmic energy surrounding the universe. Being a Southerner myself (But not with that accent .-.) She was okay.
    Lamont Warrick: I always thought this guy was a little weird. But he's tolerable, plus you don't have to talk to him as much as everybody else in the game. He's laid-back, slightly cocky, always looking for people to buy stuff from.
    Dr. Gilbert Buford: This guy is pretty sweet, always flattering Bess (You need to control her to talk to him). He was Bruno's best friend and he was the one who discovered Bruno after his heart attack. But I thought he was nice.


    What it is:First you have the entire Bolet manor to explore, and then the gardens. Farther back is the very large graveyard. With Bess, you could visit a knick-knack shop, and...a Gumbo place ._.
    What I thought: The Bolet manor is supposed to be cluttered and messed up, but I expected it to be a tad bit bigger, but it was fun and creepy nonetheless. The gardens aren't that big either, but are beautiful in it's own creepy way. The graveyard, now THAT is LARGE! It's pretty much a maze, even visiting places that have nothing to do with anything until later on in the game. Lamont's store is interesting, there are some stuff to interact with, but not much. The Gumbo catering truck makes me want to REALLY try gumbo. (*cough* Yeah, I technically haven't tried gumbo before...)

    What I thought: The puzzles in this game are rather cool, some involve rolling a marble on a table, adjusting the clock in the hall, and even rubbing paper with charcoal to get clues! On the downside, some of them seem pretty impossible, far-fetched and/or just plain strange, causing you to think, "How does THIS make THAT happen? Are there gears underground or something?" But overall, the puzzles actually require you to THINK! Like you may need some paper and stuff sometimes, and you REALLY need to keep your eyes peeled for stuff that would help!

    ~~~~~~~~~ATMOSPHERE AND GRAPHICS~~~~~~~~~
    What it is: Not only is it night-time outside, but it's also dark, stormy and rainy. So stormy the electricity had gone out, and now you're forced to explore the grounds with nothing but lightning and rainwater as your companions (unless you brought other people to play on the computer with you, who knows... o_o)
    What I thought: I love the graphics! They make it look so real, almost tempting the most gullible to keep an umbrella with them! Bad part is, you can't truly experience the creepy haunted feeling unless it's dark, and some things in ND games do look better if it's dark. Wouldn't want glares, would we?

    What I thought: Well, when you think of sneaking, you think of hiding around while people don't know you're there. Trying to stay Spoiler free here, but most of the game requires you to just walk around and do stuff. But it's like that in most games, and I find no harm in it.

    What I thought: Trying to stay Spoiler Free here! Won't give anything important away, don't worry! Anyways, the ending to ME wasn't much of a shocker, its pretty much a no-brainer if you think really hard on what people have said, where you've been, and what you've read and/or seen. But some people are wrong in their assumptions, some would be shocked, others would be like, "OMG I KNEW IT!!" And blah di blah.

    What I thought: Overall the game was enjoyable and fun to play. Honestly, the past few like Danger By Design and Secret of Kapu Cave weren't AMAZING (But still okay), I was intrigued by there being a game about a Crystal Skull! I mean, come on, it sounds cool! And at least the bad guy won't be trying to, you guessed it, take over the world (OF COURSE!!).
    All in all, this was a great game. Fun graphics, nice characters, awesome puzzles. I'd say this was rather good!

    So that's my review to CRY. If you enjoyed it and it helped your decision, leave a post and let me know! I feel good (and a tad bit embarrased) to hear if someone bought the game because of reading this XD
    By the way, if anybody wants another review for another ND game, tell me, and I'll replay the game and type one down! Hope you enjoyed ^^

    Dear Nancy,
    I decided to write you back instead of typing an e-mail, I thought it would be nice, since you're always writing stuff to people. Anyway, I wanted to thank you so much for giving your undercover position as a member of that tornado-chasing team to me! It'll give me a chance to brush up on my detective skills!

    Besides, chasing tornadoes sounds amazing! I've always wanted to see them in real life and thanks to you, I finally get to! And with being undercover and snooping around, don't worry about that one bit! Nobody will suspect a cute teenage girl like me asking random questions all the time! My "innocence" is the perfect disguise!

    So now I'm writing this to you at the airport. For some reason, the plane to Oklahoma is being delayed, and now I can't go anywhere until. Something tells me I could be here a while, but it's okay, I'm sure an airport isn't that boring.....right?

    I'll call you when I get there!

    -----Detective Kimi, still awaiting the chance to play Trail of the Twister.

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    Awesome review! I love the different colors you used. I completely agree. The Bolet mansion was a bit small. This game really made me want to try gumbo too! And I love the rainy atmosphere. Not my number 1 favorite, but definitely a great game!! Anyway, loved your review.
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      Amazig review!

      I have to agree with Castle Sleuth, I liked the colors used in the review, too! The characters were kind of whacky, but still enjoyable to talk to - kind of. Amazing review! 5 stars!

      Reps also given!