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Review: Legend of the Crystal Skull

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  • Review: Legend of the Crystal Skull

    So I wanted to start off by saying that this was the very first ND game that I played, and the one that got me hooked :)

    The plot was amazing , kind of weird why you were there, but amazing :) Bruno Bolet (how awesome is his last name??) was the owner of "the whisperer", a crystal skull said to protect it's owner from almost any cause of death... except murder. After Bruno died, his nephew, Henry, goes to the manor to collect his things, only the skull isn't among the creepy clutter that he collects. It's Nancy's job to find the Crystal skull before it falls into the wrong hands.

    The characters were pretty cool, I liked them all, but what made me happy was that you got to be Bess Marvin for some of the time :) I thought that was really cool.

    A couple of the mini-games I thought were unecessary, but not impossible (I personelly think the last puzzle was especially challenging).

    Overall, I REALLY like this game, I love how you can be 2 different people, I love how you could snoop around in a graveyard, I LOVED HOW IT WAS AT NIGHT!! The graphics were amazing. I also loved how it was really creepy. So yes, a great game, I definetely think it is worth buying :) After I finish my current game, I am going to play this one again :)
    Feel free to post me a reply telling me your thoughts on this game, also, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :)
    Thanks so much for reading :D
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    I agree with practically everything you said. This too was the first ND game I ever played... so that may make me a little biased! hehe:) But yeah I LOVED this game. I really enjoyed the creepiness! Especially in the beginning! I jumped

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