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My must read in-depth review of CRY

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  • My must read in-depth review of CRY

    Warning: It's best to play this game in a dark room. If it's daytime, draw the shades. If it's nighttime, turn off all the lights.

    This lovely warning graces the screen as you're about to play The Legend of the Crystal Skull. So I listened, and turned off the lights, since it was about 9 o'clock at night, and boy am I sure glad I did!

    I LOVE the opening scene of this game, hands down (in my opinion) one of the best! For fear of spoiling this awesome & creepy opening I won't go into too much detail but know if you're spooked easily, be prepared!

    Another vacation foiled! Nancy & Bess are traveling to New Orleans for a girls trip when Ned asks Nancy to stop in & check on his college friend, Henry Bolet. Henry recently lost his Uncle and since he has no other living relatives, Ned is worried about Henry's mental health. Nancy, being Nancy, stumbles onto a mystery as soon as she sets foot in Bruno Bolet's creepytime mansion. Nancy soon discovers Bruno was in possession of a extremely rare crystal skull called the "Whisperer". It's rumored to protect its holder from almost any cause of death, except murder. Leading to the dramatic question: did Bruno die of natural causes or was he murdered? The clock is ticking as Nancy must figure out where the crystal skull is before it ends up in the wrong hands.
    The spookiness of this plot always had me intrigued, it definitely always seemed like a dark depressing game. As I read reviews about it people were saying that it's always nighttime, it's always raining and the subject matter is very chilling. That being said, I loved it! There are silly things that happen here and there so it's not all dreary & drab. I think the most uplifting part of the game is when you get to play as Bess, which is a nice change of pace so you don’t feel so secluded and stuck in that big ol' mansion!


    Henry Bolet: Ned's college friend (more like acquaintance IMO) has just lost his Uncle Bruno. Being his only living relative, Henry has been left in charge to settle Bruno's affairs. Not a very positive guy, Henry dresses eccentrically and spends most of his time in the library going over the Bolet estate.

    Renee Amande: Bruno's housekeeper & confidant, she is often in the garden outside on the patio. A believer in Hoodo, Renee is very superstitious and practices her beliefs by growing herbs and plants.

    Lamont Warrick: Proud owner of Zeke's, a colorful curio shop located in the French quarter. Lamont loves to collect unusual and eclectic merchandise and he's always looking for treasure among other people's junk.

    Dr. Gilbert Buford: Bruno's very best friend, Dr. Buford was actually the one who found Bruno unresponsive the fateful day he died. Interestingly, the good doctor knew Bruno possessed the "Whisperer" but claims it was silly to believe in its so called powers.

    For the most part I really liked the cast of characters! You also have the phone friends; Bess (when you call her it switches and you get to play as her), Ned (who is GREAT when you need a hint), Professor Hotchkiss from TRT, and Milo the authenticator of the "Whisperer".

    Early on, you talk to each character at length but then interaction is pretty slim, unless you need something from a character, which is pretty standard in these games. Like I said, if you're really stuck which *raises hand* happened to me a lot, Ned is great. All you have to do is give him a call. I feel like having Hotchkiss there was a wink and a nod but I'm not sure I'd say she was helpful in any capacity.


    Welcome to New Orleans, Louisiana! Our mystery takes place primarily in the Bolet Mansion, the garden outside, the cemetery and swamp. Once you play as Bess, she is at their hotel in the French Quarter across from Zeke's curio shop, and the food truck that sells delicious gumbo! There are a fair number of rooms to explore in the mansion and the vast cemetery will take you all over. This game came out in 2007 so the graphics were pretty good! I definitely felt immersed in this game and every place I went I felt like I was really there, which added to the spookiness and the feeling that I needed to figure out what was going on, quickly!

    Game Play/Puzzles:
    So it took me a week to play the whole game, however once I was pretty stuck I quickly looked up a hint or a flat out spoiler, because I wanted to make sure I finished the game in a timely manner. If you chug right along, this game won't take forever to play but if you don't look up hints or spoilers when you're stuck, it might take a while. The only puzzle that really took some time was the cemetery hunt, only because you had to keep going back and forth between outside and the great room. I really liked that a lot of the puzzles didn't require a spoiler, I just needed a nudge in the right direction. Nevertheless, this game is extremely puzzle heavy, so don't be alarmed when all you're doing is figuring out puzzles! Hey, it's what makes the game progress. One puzzle that's popular and really threw me for a loop is the set of two dentist books. I still don't understand how they figured it out. I get the gist somewhat, but when I went to click on the books I thought were right, I was very wrong. There are puzzles (especially the last puzzle) that are super easy, and you can breeze right through them!

    Scare Factor:
    Like I said, the opening sequence is definitely scary. A lot happens all at once but I don't want to give too much away! After the initial warning, I felt like I was on the edge of my seat thinking, what's next? However, I enjoy this aspect of the games and wish more were like this. If you scare easily or don't like being spooked, I don't think you'll like it. This in NO way should deter you from playing the game. Nothing else during the game play is scary. You don't even have to play in the dark for the rest of the time (if you don't want to), I think that just adds more suspense.

    When I could hear the music I absolutely loved it! It was such a 1940s jazz vibe, which is totally my jam! Again, like in DOG, I feel like the background noise (i.e. the thunderstorm) was super loud and it overpowered the wonderful music. I could also hear a shift in the music when I was about to figure something out or when something was going to happen, which I didn't mind.

    Luckily, right before the ending I looked at the checklist and from then on I figured out the last puzzle on my own! I was very proud of that fact because I saw a lot of posts on the hints & tips board saying they had trouble with the end. If you keep asking Ned, and referring to your checklist, it lays out what you need to do. Figuring out the end was pretty easy to me, the culprit wasn't surprising to me, the whole game I had an extra eye on this person. Their motives and certain things that were said to Nancy made me positive it was this specific person.

    I think this is a classic game that many people love, and I am right there on the list! I would definitely replay this game, even though it is a puzzle heavy game, it isn't so difficult that I couldn’t replay it if I had downtime. I loved the many challenges it had, the atmosphere of the game and the amount of detail that went into the whole plot. I would 100% recommend this game to anyone interested in Nancy Drew games.

    That's it for me for a while! I haven't ordered any new games, ICE & CRY were the last two games I bought. The reviews I've read about MID do not make me want to buy it ha-ha. I have always wanted to play CLK so maybe that will be the next game I buy. If we do have to be quarantined, it'll give me something to do! Please be safe out there, sending love and thoughts to you and your loved ones. We will get through this!

    Thank you for reading my reviews, it always means so much to me <3
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    Also played & finished, ICE, CRY. CLK & TRN