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Stuck at the beginning

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  • Stuck at the beginning

    Hints please, no spoilers (yet).

    Here's what I've done:
    Explored the front room - can't seem to do anything with the cemetery model but make the lights of the fountain go on. Found
    the sketch, and the receipt and the charcoal in the fireplace.

    Explored the room Henry is in - found the card catalogue, the tooth books
    Saw the clock, no clue what to do with it yet.
    found 3 eyeballs
    table game, trophy, drawer in first bedroom

    Scared the lizard & put books back on the shelf - got
    the card from the Crystal book

    Talked to Hotchkiss on the phone
    Visited Zeke's and opened the box (Sidebar: with a hint from a message board - where on earth was that password in the game!?)
    Talked with the Doctor
    Explored the cemetery and crypt (saw the ravens thing, and the spider with the key - can't do anything with them yet)
    Got a piece of fruit from the wasps

    I can't get any new information from anyone, and Ned isn't very helpful. I feel like I need to find something in order to move forward, but I feel like I've looked everywhere. Where do I need to be looking? Or trying to accomplish?

    *Can't get into the room at the top of the stairs
    *No idea how to find the paper the lizard is hiding
    *Are the clues to the model cemetery, the clock, the tooth books available to me yet? If so, where do I look for them?

    Thanks in advance,
    A not so clever detective

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    When visiting the crypt in the cemetery, did you take a closer look at the panels? Nancy will make a comment that should give you a nudge in the next direction.

    The room at the top of the stairs is Renee's room. When the time is right you will be able to check it out.

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    but some of us are looking
    at the stars."

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