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Help I’m literally stuck

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  • Help I’m literally stuck

    I think the game is glitched because I’m solved the spider puzzle and literally cannot get out if. Nowhere on the screen can I exit out and I haven’t save in a very long time.
    dance yourself silly

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    Has it already shown the spider running away? Were you able to grab the key?
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    Listen, my child, to this story of dreams,
    And know that the beginning is more difficult than it seems.
    When the ten daughters are reunited in order,
    When the four-sided box loses its border,
    When the eye of the phoenix is in your hand,
    When the bird of fire can see again,
    When the moon sleeps and the sun plays,
    The king of the sky will shine his rays,
    And hidden beneath a river of colors
    Will lie a gate to golden wonders.


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      It’s actually the second time you have to go to it and i already took what came out and the spider is gone
      dance yourself silly