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Buzzards - getting the key

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  • Buzzards - getting the key

    I have played this game several times throughout my years and have the spoiler to get the key
    3, 3, 2, 1, 1, 4
    but, the game is not letting me get the key. I have checked my inventory to make sure I haven't somehow gotten it by accident, and have done the spoiler approximately 17 times. This is the only thing left on my task list.....


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    While that spoiler is correct...

    Here is another spoiler to try:

    For the buzzards...


    Click on 3-3-2-1-1-4 ]

    Also, are the feathers moving? Here is an explanation of the workings of the puzzle.

    Originally posted by Ndfan1234 View Post

    There is also a way to just listen to the clicks instead of turning around every time.
    If you hear a standard click-click, then nothing happened, but if you hear a click that sounds like it goes up (sorry, there's not a great way to describe the sounds) then that feather extended out once. If you hear a click that sounds like it goes down, then that feather went in once. Each feather can extend twice, and the clicks move clockwise around the head, starting with the bottom left.
    I hope this explanation made sense! This is a hard puzzle to explain!
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