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MHM review, from someone who bought it because they heard it was scary

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  • MHM review, from someone who bought it because they heard it was scary

    If it weren't for you meddling teen sleuths...
    From someone who bought it because they heard it was scary

    I bought this game today because I had read on the internet that it was very creepy, especially for an older game. Since I'm always looking for biggest thrill I can get out of games, I decided I should check this one out. Spoiler alert: I was not disappointed.

    Technical issues: I played this on Vista. Similarly to the other older games I've tried to play on here, there was a constant squeal/squeak sort of noise. I'm not sure it's the fault of the game as much as my computer, so really there wasn't much wrong with this one. Especially for a game so old, it was almost flawless.

    Setting: Oh. Wow. This mansion was amazing. The setting really made this game for me. Things are always happening just long enough for you to catch a glimpse. Weird noises and sounds show up in the background if you listen hard enough. Even after I found an explanation for them... they STILL freaked me out. I literally found myself, at one point, whispering at my computer screen, "how did you move?!" If you buy this, try turning up the effects volume for extra fall-out-of-your-chair scariness.

    Music: The music was pleasantly fitting and spooky. Sometimes I turned down the character's voices so I could just listen to the music while they were talking. It really fits in with both the Victorian and Chinese influences on the visual aspects of the game. If I actually found a room where this music played, in real life, I would be halfway down the street in 10 seconds flat, screaming. Loudly.

    Puzzles: You are going to need some paper and a pencil for this one. Really though, it's just a matter of writing things down so you can use them later. The puzzles aren't too difficult and they're all relevant--even though you have chores, only one of them is a puzzle, and they make sense seeing as you're in a house that's being renovated. But I'm not kidding, if you're going to play this game, really, write things down. It saves a LOT of time.

    Characters: Ok... really bad early 2000s animation aside, the characters are alright. Abby interested me in that you could never really tell what she believed. Rose and Louis are alright, I guess? They're less interesting. Charlie is a unique character, too. You find out something about him that makes him more interesting.

    Plot: The plot of this game is focused on figuring out the history of the house and its former owners, along with figuring out what's causing the accidents and hauntings going on in the present. Having the plot sort of split in two like that gives you something to think about all the time. Unfortunately, I was always forgetting what I was doing... again, write it down! But I liked that it made me think without making me as hopelessly lost as I was with CRY.

    Cheesiness: Completely devoid of all cheese. This game was dead serious. (Get it?! Ghosts? Dead? Yeah, I know, not very funny.) The voice that talks during the seance is the only thing you might take issue with. Otherwise, this game didn't joke around.

    Deaths: Some of the deaths were just getting thrown out of the mansion for annoying people. There were 2 that I remember as being potentially deadly. There's nothing that's particularly gruesome or too inventive about the deaths, but they're there.

    Overall, how fun it was: Very fun. I rarely had to resort to internet-related help to solve the game. It kept me on my toes the whole time and there was a lot of exploring and snooping. It definitely kept me entertained and interested.

    Overall, how scary it was: I don't know if I want to go as far as saying this is the scariest Nancy Drew game yet--but mostly because I haven't played them all. Depending on your sensitivity to bad graphics, this may very well be the scariest game so far. The way that it scares you is by, as I said earlier, constantly having something teasing you in the background, to the point where you don't even know if something actually happened, or if it was your imagination. This game made me paranoid as anything. I started looking suspiciously at all the paintings in the house, like I thought they were going to start moving. It was really, really creepy. The game plays with your mind, and it's awesome.

    Here's a quick rundown of the review:
    Technical issues: 4/5. The squeaky noise was easy enough to ignore, so it did well for such an old game.
    Setting: 6/5. The setting was fabulously made. Very, very scary.
    Music: 5/5. All the music felt appropriate and a little intimidating.
    Puzzles: 5/5. Easy to put together and not unnecessary.
    Characters: 3/5. They weren't too special, but I liked them enough.
    Plot: 4/5. It kept me thinking and involved.
    Cheesiness: 5/5. Takes itself seriously.
    Deaths: 3/5. They're okay. Mostly it's just annoying people until they kick you out.
    Fun factor: 4/5. Engaging and spooky.
    Scare factor: 5/5. Don't play this if you are prone to heart attacks.
    TOTAL SCORE: 44/50. That's 88%. This is an incredibly good game and if you want to be scared, go out and get this one before you get any other. This game takes itself completely seriously. The little things make it really scary. There's also a good bit of foreshadowing, which really just makes it a beautiful game. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, after you've played it once, check out that magazine in Louis' briefcase. Brilliant!)
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    Nice review! You covered many parts of the game and I agree with many things you said. Especially with the mansion looking amazing. 5 stars all the way!
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      Really good review!! You covered all the bases and really gave a good opinion on everything. I agree 100% on everythng. Keep it up. Reps. :]

      can you dig it?
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        Good review!!! Lol, I know what you mean when you say to turn the volume up loudly!!

        *Edit* :Reps given!
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