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  • |♥| ϟ MHM {In-depth, spoiler-free review.}

    Message in a
    Haunted Mansion.

    T h e P l o t ;
    You as Nancy Drew have been invited to San Franciso to help renovate an old Victorian mansion. However, there are plenty of things in this mansion that go bump in the night (and day) and seem to never go right. It's up to you to determine the source of these mysterious occurrences and ensure that the mansion will be in tip top shape to open as a Bed and Breakfast. Creeking floors and secret passageways await you in this spooky yet quaint manor.

    Good Things:
    * I really enjoyed the spook factor of this game.
    * Finding the chinese symbols everywhere was cool.
    * Loads of snooping in this game.
    * Secret places galore.
    * Old style phone where you get to punch in the numbers. (I have Bess' memorized.)

    Bad Things:
    * The plot isn't the most exciting until you really delve into the game.
    * No journal or checklist, like we're used to now, so it's a bit hard to re-find your place if you leave your game for awhile.
    * The old gameplay doesn't let you turn around in doorways. I found myself going into rooms repeatedly because I couldn't just turn around.

    Places To Explore;
    Entire manor; I'm just going to group the entire house together, because I feel that it would be too difficult to piece it apart.
    Therefore, I was really pleased with the mansion. Nancy's bedroom is decorated very well. All of the Chinese things and characters looked really cool, and made for an interesting place to sleep. Abby's room really reflects her interest, and while a bit creepy, was also done exceedingly well. I love HER's little details.
    The rest of the mansion was exactly what I'd expect to see. There are plenty of rooms to explore and possibly get lost in.

    Good Things:
    * For one of the older games, I really did enjoy the graphics. As I said, the little details really bring the rooms together.
    * And as much as they scared me, I really did enjoy the little jumpy bits that seemed to be placed in each room.

    Bad Things:
    * I don't believe that I have any.

    Cast of Characters;

    Rose Green : She is the one who invited you to help out in the mansion, and is unbelievably stressed about all of the delays. Poor Rose has invested all of her savings into this manor, and will really lose everything if these delays continue to occur.

    Abby Sideris :
    Friend of Rose, Abby is co-owner of the mansion and is also helping with the renovation. She has a facination with supernatural things and believes the mansion to be truly haunted. Could this just be a cover up act for something worse?

    Charlie Murphy : He's the handyman of the mansion and is often blamed for everything. He appears to be a very friendly and endearing fellow, but could he really be behind the delays for his own personal gain?

    Louis : Louis is an antiques dealer and hired on as a consultant of Rose in exchange for use of her library. Is this all just a ploy to cover up a secret that only he knows?

    Good Things:
    * They all were pretty distinct and unique.
    * Were all placed in places that I felt really suited them.

    Bad Things:
    * They really don't talk to you very much, which always frustrates me when I have no idea what to do.

    The puzzles in this game I found to be a bit challenging. A certain floor puzzle has given many people trouble, including myself, but after you figure out how to place the pieces, then it's really not too bad. As for the other puzzles, they honestly weren't bad at all. There are books that will even help you out with a few.
    One thing that I really would recommend is that you write down all of the little things that you find, because you'll never know when you'll use them again. (Like in a puzzle!) Plus, it also really helps because we're not given a journal in this game, so we don't have Nancy automatically keeping track for us.

    In all honesty, I found this game to be the scariest that I've played yet. Probably because I only played it at night, but those little spooky bits really can give you goosebumps. If you're an easy scarer, then I suggest that you play this game in the daytime, if you don't feel that you could all of the pop-up moments.

    I didn't find the ending to be too difficult, as it was something that I messed about with before. The time aspect I found to be a bit frustrating, but I eventually did get it in the end, as will you. As far as endings go, it isn't the most fantastic. But, being an older game, I feel that it really footed the bill.

    Message in a Haunted Mansion as a whole was a really good game. The length was pretty satisfactory, though I'm sure it could run a lot longer for newer players who are used to the checklist. While there weren't many puzzles, I still feel satisfied with it.
    I would definitely recommend that you play it, as I would any other Nancy Drew game.

    So whether you come back by page or by the big screen,
    Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

    J.K. Rowling