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  • here2seetheshow
    Hopefully you'll see this & read it, or maybe it'll help someone else. But I've found the same problem. I have a laptop that has Windows 7, obviously it won't play the older games, just Kapu Cave & Castle Malloy (those are the ones I've bought). So I googled how to possibly play the older ones. This is what I found, I hope it helps. I haven't tried it myself but am going to tonight after work...

    1.) Install the game, but do NOT AutoPlay. Instead, go into my computer, right-click on the game's icon and choose "explore".

    2.) You need to then find the "setup" icon, and choose "properties". There's more than one "setup" icon, but the only one that allows you to choose "properties".

    3.) After that, go to the compatibility tab, and check the box that says something like "make compatible for" ...choose XP, or ME/2000 if you want to play it safe.

    4.) Exit out of the My Computer screen (though in Vista, it's just called Computer). On the start menu, open up your "Documents" window. Create a new folder and name is Message in a Haunted Mansion or something you will without a doubt remember.

    5.) Go back to Computer, double click on "setup" and start installing.

    6.) Install as normal, but when you get to the part where you save the game, its very important that you save it in the documents folder you created. Otherwise, it won't automatically create a new folder for itself and problems occur.

    Hope this helps, I really hope it does work b/c I want to play my games tonight!! Good luck :D

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  • SimplyBeautiful
    started a topic Review


    This by far is my favorite game of all the Nancy Drew Games. The only problem is that I can no longer play all the old nancy drew games before Kapu Cave because they are Windows 98, 2000, and XP. Does anyone know if they are making a remastered version of this? I have no idea where questions like this would go. I am new here and quite frankly these forums are confusing.