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  • Case Closed- Review #20

    Hello and welcome to Case Closed!

    Plot: Nancy Drew is helping Rose Green, a friend of Nancy's housekeeper, with some renovation work in an old Victorian mansion in San Francisco that she is converting into a bed and breakfast. But, there are other uninvited guests, visitors from the past—spirits who want the place all to themselves. Strange accidents are slowing down the renovation, and Nancy is trying to figure out who, or what, is trying to scare everyone away. Nancy suspects that there is another force at work: greed. Which makes me give it a 10/10 for a perfect plot!

    Characters: In this game, there are four main characters, Louis Chandler, Rose Green, Abby Sideris, and Charlie Murphy. Each character has their own personality and traits, and they are pretty good. I didn't enjoy the fact that you learned seldom about them! You talked sometimes, but they didn't play a huge role in the game. Louis is antique dealer who basically sits in the library. Charlie is the handyman and is working on renovating the mansion. Rose now owns the mansion and basically doesn't say much. Abby is the co-owner of the mansion and is a crazy "fortune teller". The phone characters were a BIG disappointment though, there was Bess and George which is great, but Emily? Did I miss something? Who is EMILY anyway? Her voice was annoying and I only called her twice. Which makes me give it a 5/10 for okay character development.

    Scare Factor: This game's scare factor is very high! There are constantly little things that move, or say something, or just little factors that scare you much more than BIG things like in SAW. The painting in the library's eyes constantly moved to one side when you weren't looking, and there were creepy noises! I was very scared for awhile, and my heart pounds whenever something small happens. Which makes me give it a 10/10 for a very high scare factor!

    Setting: The setting in this game is cool. It takes place in San Fransisco. I really didn't feel like we were in San Fransisco at any time though. We can't even go outside the mansion, and the mansion has little windows, which makes it feel like a box. But the mansion itself was a good size and very pretty. It made me constantly think of the Victorian era and I really liked it! Exploration was pretty good, and I felt like you were always discovering something more, which is a wonderful quality to have. Which makes me give it a 9.5/10 for an almost perfect setting!

    Length: For this game, It was a perfect length! It wasn't that short, wasn't that long, and it never felt like it was dragging on forever. I did think that the ending was really fast though! It was like, BAM! There's the culprit! Then BAM, their defeated. Which makes me give it a 8.5 for a pretty great length.

    Music: The music in MHM was pretty good. It changed like a light switch when you went into a new room which bugged me a lot. The music itself was cool, mysterious, and a little spooky. I wish their was a song that was somewhat more...uplifting? Which makes me give it a 7.5/10 for good music.

    Puzzles: This game has a few puzzles, which I was happy it didn't have too many! The puzzles are generally easy, and most of the game is made up of snooping. I absolutely fell in LOVE with the poem in Nancy's room! I am going to memorize it, it is so pretty. Anyway, the puzzles were not bad at all and I loved that part about the game!! Which makes me give it a 10/10 for amazing puzzles!

    Graphics: This game was very old so the graphics obviously aren't going to be amaze. BUT... This was a BIG step up from STFD. The characters weren't as choppy, the cut scenes were better, and the navigation was so much easier. The mansion was beautiful and had really nice graphics. I am amazed at what HER can do with their graphics, even in such an old game! Which makes me give it a 8/10 for great graphics.

    Overall, this game has......

    ~A Perfect Plot
    ~Okay Character Development
    ~A Very High Scare Factor
    ~An Almost Perfect Setting
    ~A Pretty Great Length
    ~Good Music
    ~Amazing Puzzles
    ~Great Graphics

    Overall this game is an 8.6/10! Hope you enjoy this game!
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