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My Very First ND Game!!

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  • My Very First ND Game!!

    Where to begin?? My oh my! I will never forget the thrill of the moment when i spotted this game on the shelf in the store. I was about ten years old and had absolutely no idea that there was such a thing as a Nancy Drew computer game. There I was, browsing randomly and suddenly the cover of this game caught my eye. I remember snatching it off the shelf and hurrying to my mother and begging that she buy it for me. She did , and from then on I was hooked!!!
    Message In a Haunted Mansion is just classic Nancy Drew. It has all the right elements (in my opinion). The mystery is intriguing, the characters are memorable and the overall gameplay is just FUN! Lol. I highly recommend this game to someone who is just starting out in the Nancy Drew world, or even to someone who has only played the more recent games. MHM will always be one of my favorite games.