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My MHM Review: A Great Classic

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  • My MHM Review: A Great Classic

    Hello fellow fans,

    I just recently replayed this great game, so I finally decided to write a review on it. I remember this was one of the first ND games I played, and I purchased it close to when it first came out (so I have the black cd version). I discovered on this website that this version could have some glitches, but I have never had any problems with it. I also have heard there is a "ghost girl" on this version, but I have never seen her. However, when I first beat this game it took a long time (mainly because the ghosts aspects terrified me) and ever since, I have played it many times. So here is my review:

    Plot/Setting: I love this classic story! I believe it was also a book too. I like that this game has elements of a ghost haunting in an old mansion. I love when the games have a historical aspect to them, and this game has plenty of that! So if you are a history buff, you will like this game! It also may be very scary for younger players (I know I was terrified until I finished the game!). I remember at around 9 years old I walked away from this game for years because I was so scared of it, and finally beat the game when I was older. Even though it scared me, I really enjoyed this game! It is definitely full of classic mystery novel elements. 10/10.

    Play: I really like the gameplay of this game! It has some puzzles that aren't that hard, but this game is more focused on the exploring aspect of a mystery. You have full range of the mansion, so the exploring aspect is really great in this game! I love it! During gameplay, you can get stuck on what you are supposed to do; however, I realized this last time I played it, you can basically complete the game in many different ways. For instance, I dodged a major plot scene this time that I played (I won't spoil anything) and a puzzle but still finished the game. So I guess what I can say is you may not get as stuck as I did the first time I played this. 9/10.

    Characters: Compared to other ND games, the characters were just ok in this game. I felt like I didn't talk to them enough in this game, and I am a player that enjoys getting to know the characters and discovering their secrets. There is not much mystery behind the characters in this game that you can confront them on. In other words, there is great potential for further character development in this game. 6/10.

    Music: The music matched the scare factor of the game. I remember when I first played this game, the music increased my already established fear of the ghosts in the mansion. One thing that could have improved the music in this game is that they could have added some historical piece to match the very historical elements of this game. I could have balanced out the ominous aspects of the music. 6/10.

    Culprit/Ending: The ending and culprit is pretty straight forward. It is almost too easy to guess. However, it has an action-packed/intense element to it that I enjoy. I only wish it was a longer scene. 5/10.

    Overall, an excellent classic that every fan must play!
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    Great review! I agree with you on a lot of things. I too found myself easily scared playing this game when I was younger, so it also took me a few years to actually complete it. You're right about the music -- it definitely builds up the creepy atmosphere!

    I also thought the characters were just okay. Not bad, but I didn't find any of them to be that memorable. I totally agree with you on gameplay; there is indeed a lot to explore, and that's one of this game's greatest strengths. The optional scenes are cool, too. It makes this game fun to come back too. And yes, the culprit was pretty predictable, but like you said, the ending scene is kind of cool. It requires some quick thinking, that's for sure!

    Overall, wonderful review! :D
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      I also agree that this was a great review!

      It was the first Nancy Drew game I played all the way through, so it does hold a dear place in my heart. I definitely agree about the history aspect! Being a history major, I really appreciate the games that hold a lot of history in them. I get sad when the games don't have too much in the history department. That being said, I thought the plot was one of my favorites of the games.

      I also agree with you about the characters! To this day, I still want to know more about Rose. I was kind of hoping there'd be more of a personal element with her. Anyway, great review!