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Message in a Haunted Mansion - Review by felicity18

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  • Message in a Haunted Mansion - Review by felicity18

    This is the first Nancy Drew game that I have ever played, so it has some sentimental value for me. This game really does deliver on the creepy factor with all of the weird ghost noises that you hear in the mansion.I really like the premise of this game.

    The characters in this game were interesting. The animation for Rose looks a little robotic now that I play it today, but she's still a good character. Abby is really the most interesting character in the game and certainly the weirdest. She thinks that she's psychic when she's really not because Nancy discovers how she really does it. Charlie the handyman was a pretty average character to me. Louis the antique dealer was pretty dull.

    My favorite scenes in the game are Abby's séance session because it looked really cool and creepy. My other favorite scene was the fire in the parlor. Both of these scenes felt very suspenseful and exciting.

    All in all this game is great and its really fun to play over and over again. So I give Message in a Haunted Mansion a 9 out of 10.


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    Nice review! I agree that the ghostly noises and shadows really give the game a creepy vibe. It truly makes the mansion feel like a haunted mansion.

    I agree that some of the characters were a little boring, like Louis. And I also really like those two scenes in the game! They do add a lot of suspense and make the game more interesting.
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      Nice! I also agree about Abby being the most interesting. Even the tone of her voice made me want to know more about her. I feel like Louis' career should make me like him more, but he just never seemed all that good at it. Like, he says he's an antique dealer...But I don't feel like he talked about antiques enough. If I was one, I'd be telling Nancy about the latest side table I got in my shop, or something along those lines. He didn't seem to have too much to him. With Charlie, I feel that he fell a little...Flat. They definitely could have added more to his story. I felt it was kinda anti-climatic, even when we do learn more about him. However, how about that basement? I thought that room was beautiful! They really put some great details into the rooms in the mansion, which may be why I love this game so much.