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  • My In-Depth MHM Review

    Nancy takes a trip to San Francisco to help Hannah's friend, Rose Green. Rose is looking to open a B&B in a Victorian mansion, but strange things keep occurring. Rose doesn't know whether it's worth it to continue her renovations or if she should just sell the mansion.
    This had been my favorite game as a child. There are almost 2 plots. The first, you look to solve who is causing the "accidents" that are slowing everything down. The second, you look to see if the rumors are true and this old building has anything of value. My only issue is that I felt the game was not long enough.
    Score: 10/10

    Rose Green: The mansion (and future B&B) owner. She spent all of her money to buy this place and fix it up. Is she regretting her decision and trying to collect on insurance?
    Abby Sideris: Rose's friend and business partner. Abby helped Rose bid on the mansion with some of her savings. Very fascinated with supernatural things and the zodiac. She believes that it is the previous owner's ghost haunting the mansion and causing all of the strange occurrences. She plans on holding seances and convincing guests that they are staying in a haunted mansion. Could she be causing these accidents and hauntings to create publicity?
    Louis Chandler: A local antique dealer who specializes in the Victorian Era. Rose lets him use the library in exchange for advice on how to properly decorate the mansion authentically. Does he know more about this mansion than he lets on?
    Charlie Murphy: A college student helping Rose with mansion renovations. He gets very nervous when speaking about the accidents because he doesn't want to be blamed due to inexperience. Is his friendly personality just an act?
    I thought Rose and Charlie were boring and didn't tie in enough to the game. I loved Abby's character. She perfectly embodied someone who believes in the supernatural. Louis was a very charming middle-aged man who perfectly fit his job description.
    Score: 7/10

    Considering the game was released in 2000, I do not know how the graphics compared back then. When compared to current graphics, these are considerably worse than recent games. The characters do not look very real. They have one look on their face when not speaking. There mouths do not correlate well to what they are saying.
    Score: 3/10

    I found the puzzles extremely easy. Everything was made very obvious as long as you found what you needed to solve it. I liked the Chinese symbol puzzle because I wrote down the symbols in my notebook and learned how to write in Chinese at the same time.
    Score: 5/10

    The music was very fitting. I also really liked the creepy sound effects heard throughout the game (generally when walking the hallways).
    Score: 9/10

    I loved the ending to the game. If you took note of a key decision throughout the game, you should have no problem with knowing what to do and how to do it. They made the culprit fairly obvious toward the end of the game.
    Score: 10/10

    Overall Score: 44/60 = 7.3/10
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