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  • Re-play/Re-view :)

    Huzzah! I had a little free time and chose to fill it with Message in a Haunted Mansion.

    Fortunately, the other reviewers have provided standard reviews. This leaves me free to write about my re-play after an absence of several years from this game.

    Two weeks after my re-play, I still hear the deep melody. Was that played on bass oboe? Bassoon? *hears a few bars of the music* Is someone going to catch me snooping and kick me out of the mansion??? Will they ever go to the Winter Carnival? (In re-play, you know what happens after they leave the mansion before they leave the mansion...) The game music has led me into a little extra-game exploration of orchestral instruments. This is fun!

    I also became interested in all that is involved in renovating and re-purposing old properties. Would it be viable to open a themed or non-themed B & B in San Fransisco today? Would anyone buy this theme? Just now, ghosts are a popular media theme. Perhaps this type of lodging would be successful somewhere.

    Would I, or would you, like this type of adventure in real life? Would you enjoy rummaging around in an old attic and finding historical things? What about the hysterical things? Would that make it better? Would we know where to draw the line between facts, fictions, and artistry?

    I definitely like this type of adventure in gaming. It provides glimpses into history, business, renovation, romance, other relationships, and enunciation. Rose Green might have the best enunciation in the real or virtual history of forever!

    One question remains. How did Nancy get fortified for her sleuthing adventures? After all, she would need food energy for climbing up and down stairs & ladders. She needed to think clearly about each piece of information. Did the second set of double doors in the dining room lead to the kitchen? Did she order food off-screen? Did she leave the mansion when we were not looking and eat somewhere in San Fransisco? If so, why didn't she take us with her?
    "But remember, you cannot expect God
    to be dishonest, disloyal, or evil to suit your will."
    (Mother Angelica, in Free Will)