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    I am forced to get a download as I have a MacBook Air and do not have a disk drive, but if I got to choose, I would definitely want physical.

    If HeR is pushing the community towards a digital download, hopefully they will change their downloads from expiring.
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      I will only buy physical copies from Her. they are easy to keep track of.


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        Definitely a physical copy. I would be quite upset if I wasn't able to get one. I have every single ND game on CD with a box/case and it has taken a long time to accumulate them all.

        I hope that HeR makes sure that there are enough physical copies to go around. What if I were to have an internet or power outage when preorders start, only to find out later that they are sold out? Not good.


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          I have changed computers several times and ND games were lost in the process. I will want a physical copy for convenience and value.


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            Originally posted by Laura Jean View Post
            I'll be going with the physical copy. My ND games collection is a wreck (new vs. used copies, multiple different box/case sizes) but it is still complete.
            Ha ha. Sounds like ME!


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              I'm a physical copy kind of person. I have the full collection of games and I love seeing how the packaging progressed and grew with the company. There really is nothing like being able to hold a game in your hands and having the ability to download them wherever you want!
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                Yeah, I've been thinking about getting a physical copy... I may have deleted my downloads without thinking...

                Physical copies are cool to me actually because the games look awesome on my bookshelf!
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                  My very helpful hubby deleted everything without asking. *sigh*

                  OTOH, he is now very helpful. He looks for physical copies of ND games for me in thrift stores.

                  So all is well.

                  Originally posted by mdetective12 View Post
                  Yeah, I've been thinking about getting a physical copy... I may have deleted my downloads without thinking...

                  Physical copies are cool to me actually because the games look awesome on my bookshelf!


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                    Physical Definitely

                    I definitely want the physical copy. The art work is pretty cool and as someone else said, it looks good on my bookshelf.


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                      I have always tried to get the physical copy because of the limited storage time of the digital download. I am really worried now that they are limiting the amount of physical copies they are going to produce. If they are concerned about the packaging cost, I wish the would reconsider. While the boxes are great, I would be happy with a simpler box/sleeve if that meant I would be guaranteed a physical copy.

                      Does anyone know if you do select the digital download, will they allow you to order a physical copy or backup copy at a discount? I know stupid question right?
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                        Originally posted by catsandbooks View Post
                        My entire collection is the physical copies. Not only do I want go get the physical copy to keep my collection complete, but I play my ND games on an old computer that I only use for the games and it isn't connected to the Internet.
                        I am thinking about getting an old secondhand laptop to do this same thing. I have every single ND game in physical form and used to play on a Windows computer. I now have a Mac and have learned that they will not be making any Mac physical copies. Also I hate having to use Wineskin to play my older (favorite) games on.

                        Do you mind my asking what computer you use? I have no idea what to get that would work for all of my games and not be laggy with new games.


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                          My Windows XP desktop works perfectly for every game including SEA. I also have a Windows Vista laptop, which I think came right after XP? That works fine too.


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                            I still have a windows 98 for very old games, a windows XP, and a windows 7.

                            I'll never get rid of them.


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                              Physical Game AND Extended download?

                              When ordering a physical game, there's automatically an extended digital download in the cart for $5.99. I'm wondering if this is a glitch or does HER let the customer also download a digital copy if they buy the physical game?

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                                I pre-ordered the physical for my collection. I love being able to play on my Nancy Drew computer. I am nervous about the graphics not being able to run on the older machine, but I still like having the availability to play when I don't have internet access (which is common where I live).