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What did you think of this game? (No spoilers, please!)

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  • What did you think of this game? (No spoilers, please!)

    Give us your overall opinion and rate the game! We want to hear your opinion! You can cast your vote and then either post and explain why you rated it as you did (without giving culprit name/gender spoilers). This is meant to be helpful to people seeking to play the game. So keep that in mind when posting, please. Thank you!
    1 Star - Horrible
    2 Stars
    3 Stars
    4 Stars
    5 Stars - Neutral
    6 Stars
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    10 Stars - Best Game Ever!
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    I'd give it 0 but it wasn't an option.


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      **update: completely wiped my hard drive. There is nothing left on my computer.
      I’ve played all the games, and even though it’s different, I started to give it chance because I love the plot so far. But it has crashed twice and now it has fully crashed my computer and I honestly have never seen any of the troubleshooting screens my computer is giving me on a loop right now.
      I hope it gets updated and re-released.
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        SO disappointing. The graphics are worse and the game lags and is so slow to move through. I seriously tried to givwe the game a chance but moving around on a laptop is so slow, i could not stand it. Please go back to the original format.


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          My biggest complaint is not being able to turn music offf without turning other sounds off.


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            Honestly, I think if this would have came out in the normal timeline, that ND games usually were released, then it would have been a great game. We were expecting something phenomenal because of how long it took to release. That all added to the fact that the community was under the impression that there would be "great new technology" within the fundamental basis of the game play itself (which was not really delivered); leaves us all with a bit of a little lackluster view of the product we received.
            For the price point I cannot complain in excess, as it was not bad (yes I completed it in one sit down). However, the graphics were not the quality I would expect from a game so long in development. The graphics, however, were pretty good when looking at other ND games as a base line for quality.

            My largest issues:
            1) Those that pre-ordered from Herinteractive were not able to access the download until after it had released on other download services (Steam). This alone made me very irritated in the lack of regard for your loyal customers.
            2) There appears to be some issues with gameplay lagging on some systems, I did not notice this very much on mine (as I use an Alienware gaming laptop), but a large number of users are having issues with system requirements and it should be noted.
            The only gameplay issue I experienced was some choppiness in some character movements.

            Overall for ND this was a good game.
            However, it fell well below the bar we, as a community, were expecting from it.

            I would love to see more games from Her, but they MUST either keep to a regular schedule of release and maintain a steadily increasing level of quality OR there must be some long term effort to create a game which is line with modern PC gaming technology. If another long gap in release is to occur I strongly suggest that Her, give regular community updates with details of development and takes requests from players on possible innovations. Even so far as to create a demo game to play for a fee, to beta test and grow the product. (in a way much like games, such as We Happy few, were developed).

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              BellaRosa If you go to the advanced settings, you can set volume for voices, music, and sounds independently of each other! You just have to scroll down a little.

              I'm not finished yet (maybe halfway through) but I am enjoying it! I just find it hard to compare/rank with the other games because it is VERY different.
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                Hi all,
                Like all of you, I am a Nancy Drew addict. I have all the games and have played them multiple times. I play them with my 4 kids and husband. I cannot emphasize how much my family loves them. Nancy Drew games are a part of my family.

                However we are in total shock at how terrible Midnight in Salem is. I’m from Boston and couldn’t wait to get it and this is what we got? I want my money back.

                I have read all your comments and agree with everything all of you wrote about the game, so I won’t even begin my list of issues. I truly hope they make this bad game right.

                Let’s stick together and hope this is all a bad dream and the real game is on its way.


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                  I gave it a four because of the story line.


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                    You’re generous!!


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                      This game did not live up to the Nancy Drew game genre. The graphics are bad, the movement is horrible. HER should have stuck to the old format of the previous ND games. They stated that Unity would be something great and that the game was definitely worth the wait. NEW FLASH: IT WASN'T.
                      I want a refund. I couldn't even get through the game. The lagging was just too bad. The endless conversations were boring boring and boring. I wanted to be able to search the areas like we did in the previous games. There were hardly and puzzles or mini games. This game is the worst ND game in ND game history. Don't waste your money on it.
                      I seriously doubt if I purchase another ND game in the future. MID has ruined the ND game legacy. EPIC FAILURE.
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                        This is the first time EVER that I've posted in the message boards, and I'm so sorry to have to give a negative review on a ND game! I just downloaded the game, and am at the very beginning and I extremely dislike it. So disappointing. The game itself (graphic/video) resonse is so slow & jerky. I can't explore like the other great ND games, indicators as to what to look at or for...... etc. I have Windows 7 as yet, but have a "custom built" gaming friendly desk top...and the quality is terrible. The graphics I don't find nearly as realistic as in other ND games. I wish I wouldn't have bought the digital version just yet!


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                          I gave it an 8.

                          Would I give it an 8 if it came out 6 months after their last game, like they usually do? No.

                          Do I give it an 8 now because I want to see them continue and improve, and understand they tried their best given their adversaries and many cooks in the soup? Yes.

                          The new engine, voice acting, characters, and new UI are all fantastic!

                          The puzzles and environment/interactivity to me a really lacking.

                          I gave a comprehensive review here.


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                            “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Well the makers of this game sure fixed it all right. I felt like I was playing an 1980 version of a computer game. The graphics were terrible. The acting and voices were awful. It was slow and clumsy. Very difficult to play on a MAC. Too much dialogue, preachy at the end. The time between scenes was lengthy. The “puzzles” were awful not worth the money. This used to be a great franchise. What happened to it?


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                              Wow. Shocked at how terrible this was. Beat it in a few hours on master with no helps. Felt like there was maybe 4 puzzles total in the entire game? And they were all easy and boring. Graphics look like it game out in the early 2000s, moving around felt clunky, right-click-sliding around on the screen was pointless, hardly used my inventory, spent the entire game just going around talking to everybody in circles, map was very small, culprit/storyline ending was discovered so quick I thought there would have to be a crazy twist coming but there wasn’t. I can’t believe we all waited that long for this game. Also why was the default graphics setting on low and the music setting SO much louder than the dialogue? I can’t believe how bad this was. Honestly depressed because I think we will never get another true ND game ever again.
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