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    Worst game ever. A disgrace to the HerInteractive name. I am so sad and disappointed. Everything was terrible. I loved all previous games and I hope this game gets re-released in the previous format. I would never recommend this game to anyone the way it is now. Please please please return to how games were made before.


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      I agree with a lot of the other posts on here. Graphics are better overall, but the characters' movements are unnatural. The new 360 view and new way of moving around is terrible. It allows us to look at so many things we don't need to, which just wastes our time. The controls for moving around are not intuitive and are difficult for those of us playing on laptops without a mouse.

      Mostly I'm disappointed in the lack of puzzles. The few puzzles we did have were incredibly easy, but seemed to lack any kind of instructions. I think a lot of the old games were just a lot more involved, where we had more than a couple of tasks that we were working on at one time. We would have some tasks that got put on hold while we completed other things, but this one really just felt too simple. In Mid, we completed a couple of quick/easy tasks and then got a couple of new quick/easy tasks. This all made it feel more like a semi-interactive movie than a game. The massive amount of time spent on dialog was infuriating, and I ended up skipping most of it because I was tired of talking to people. I also felt like I got at least 20 phone calls and texts throughout the game, many of which were not necessary at all.

      I also felt like several of the transitions/elements were unnecessary and just wasted more time. When Nancy leaves the Perry house, why does she need to walk down the porch and across the street? Why can't she click on the door and be in the square like was done for previous games? Why was there even a second floor of the house?

      I thought overall Nancy seemed to have lost her sense of adventure and spunk. I was disappointed that she didn't seem to snoop as much as usual, refusing to let us into Mei's room "without being invited" and having to ask the judge for permission to access certain rooms instead of just snooping to get in herself. I only had one "fatal error" throughout this game, and we used to have them from snooping and getting caught!

      I also really disliked the number of detectives in this game. Between Nancy, Deirdre, Frank, and Joe it was just too much. I didn't like having someone following me around for most of the game, and I didn't understand why I had to constantly recap what I had just learned to other detectives in the game. We've played as Frank and Joe before (which is completely fine) but we had more control in the past over when we switched between detectives and they didn't all have in-person discussions.

      The inconsistencies in the game were also frustrating. I had some phone calls where the call volume was so low I could barely hear them. Some of the character responses didn't seem to add up based on the questions/answers we chose to give. The lag between audio and the visuals was terrible. Just to name a few...

      Overall, this game was not exciting, action-packed, or as challenging as we all expect from Nancy Drew games. I love Nancy Drew games but was extremely disappointed by this one. I sincerely hope that HER reads all of these reviews and brings back more of the old game play. PLEASE do not let the ND legacy end with this terrible game.
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        Just so sad.....Wasted money....I have never had to read a Nancy Drew game review to purchase a game. I've always purchased and played and enjoyed. I don't know what this game was but it was NOT a Her Interactive Nancy Drew game. I could feel the difference in the first few seconds of game play. This was like any other game role playing game and nothing special about it that made the Nancy Drew games what they were. I have played every one of them and this was just a waste....I don't "follow" social media or every step of Her Interactive and so I was unaware of the changes that had been made with this company but after playing this game, you sure can tell the same people are not making it. Every part of it was bad from Nancys voice to the sound effects to the dialogue/story line. Why do companies think that buying another company that is so successful in what they are doing and then coming in and completely changing everything is a good idea?? IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT! But the fat cats making the money don't care. They are going to just outsource, mass produce with quick turn-arounds and not care about what made something so great. Fan lost....


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          Oh man. I never EVER review ANYTHING. But I actually went out of my way to create an account on here to warn other long time fans that this new game is just bad. Buckle up, this review has no positives. This game was an absolute snore. First of all, it isn't challenging- none of the "puzzles" were anything memorable and were too easy. The new graphics were pretty horrible...I don't understand the platform change...What is the benefit? Now the story. Oh god. The story was just the worst. I didn't care one bit about ANY of the characters...that was pretty disheartening. On to the next issue: WHAT WAS WITH ALL THE TALKING. It was NONSTOP. JUST STOP TALKING.

          To conclude, it was laughably short. I literally laughed out loud when it ended. I just couldn't believe that was it. 4 year waiting period for a game that seemed rushed? No thanks.

          Just ugh. The end.


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            Heartbroken and want my money back! Bring Nancy Drew back (in terms of voice actor, puzzles, music, quality, all of the above)!


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              Originally posted by SalemSucks20 View Post
              This game was the WORST!!! I’ve played all the ND games (had to reregister to post though) and this was by far the worst. Not just because of the technical issues (which were terrible) but the game itself was bad. There was sooooo much TALKING and not enough sleuthing!!! I come for the puzzles and the good story line and I only got one of the two. I’m so disappointed. I’ve recommended these games to so many people! Now I’m hoping they start with the old ones and work their way to this, so they don’t think I’m loopy for loving these games! I hope HER is taking this all in and can do better next time. They only have one more chance to waste my money... Meanwhile, if it takes 10
              years for another game to be made, they’ll have lost me anyway...
              I was very disappointed in this game (I have played them all). Glad I downloaded digital and not the physical copy shipped to Canada $$$. I persevered and completed the game. I rated it a 6 only because of nostalgia of loving ND games and waiting this long for a new release. At least I got to play. Probably should’ve rated it a 3! My bad. If Nancy Drew was real, she would be investigating who allowed this to be released in this format.
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                Atrocious! -Everyone
                Philippians 4:13


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                  This was not the best ND game, but it wasn't the worst. Overall, yes, it was too easy. However, the story itself was interesting and the characters were fun. I hope Her Interactive plans to continue to make new games and improve on some of the areas that fell short.

                  I'd love to see the story arc with Sonny continue...


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                    It's been months since my last post here. My opinion hasnt changed, this game is still utter garbage compared to the old games. I sincerely hope that herinteractive reads these posts and sees how they've upset their fanbase.

                    Has anyone heard them comment on whether or not they're going to continue to ruin our childhood or if they'll go back to making the games correctly?


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                      I've really loved the rest of the Nancy Drew series, it's been the perfect mix of story and puzzle. But I have to agree with a lot of others, we waited a long time for Midnight in Salem and it fell very, very flat.

                      The controls were massively clunky, but I got used to it after a bit (and once I went and dug out a mouse since I was playing on my laptop - using a touch pad for this game was a nightmare). I don't know why they changed Nancy's voice actor, but I will admit I like the new actor better - no offense tot he previous actor, she did well, but she also sounded much older than Nancy is intended to be and it was an odd contrast since the rest of the characters all sounded age appropriate. I don't know if it was the game itself being laggy or just that I'm playing on an older machine, but the dialogue and movements lagged pretty much all the time and looked pretty terrible in comparison to past games (which is weird because wasn't all this new programming supposed to make this stuff better?)

                      But really the thing that made this game awful to me is that there were barely any puzzles. The whole point of these games is that they're FULL of interesting puzzles of varying difficulty. You can hardly turn around without having some new challenge to overcome. There are puzzles that get you instant results, puzzles you spend the entire game piecing together, math puzzles, word puzzles, reflex puzzles, SO MANY PUZZLES. Some of them were just silly time wasters but a lot of them related to the mystery.

                      I think I counted maybe 4 or 5 puzzles in this whole game and they were frankly terrible. They were ridiculously simple, while also being frustratingly difficult to overcome due to the clunky UI or simply because they completely lacked any kind of instruction. The worst offender is that at least one of the puzzles was simply programmed incorrectly? The last thing to decode on the coded note came up as nonsense.

                      I don't really know what happened in between games that caused such a delay or why everything was so drastically changed, but it just wasn't a change for the better. I really hope this isn't the end of the series, but please, please, please go back to the old format. I don't know if you're trying to appeal to a new audience or what, but it's just not working. Nancy is smart and so are we. Let us enjoy it and give us back our puzzles (and usable UI while you're at it, I'm begging you).


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                        PS I agree with everyone saying "Too much talking". It feels like someone new took over, saw that it was a game with a female protagonist mostly played by female gamers and said "Oh, it's a girl game, we should make it lots of conversation and love triangle" (that bit with Ned being jealous of Frank was dumb, useless, and boring). Uggghh. Girls don't want talky love triangles, girls want to solve puzzles and also crimes!


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                          After growing up reading all the Nancy Drew books to playing all the video games (with/without family and significant others). This game makes me highly sad and even brings me to tears. I was super excited to play this game due to the theme and after waiting 5 years for this game to be made. I finally bought the game and played it.

                          - Bring back the old gaming format
                          - Bring back the old characters (who made Frank and Joe 10-15 years younger?)
                          - The graphics are worse than the older versions (in my opinion) due to poor optimization for lower end/older computers
                          - Controls are clunky/not well thought of/annoying to operate
                          -The dialogue was painful (Why were Frank/Joe/Nancy/Ned all talking in a manner that they've never talked in before?)
                          - Characters randomly flailing their arms, faces not matching tone of voice/no expression at all, and randomly moving around like they have to use the bathroom
                          - The right click feature to look around was pointless
                          - The puzzles that were in the game I wouldn't even consider to be puzzles...
                          - Too much dialogue that didn't make sense to the story or to any question/answer in the game.
                          - Barely any Easter eggs in the game. (Only one I saw was Suki from Shadow at Water's Edge and Nancy didn't even comment about it in a "Nancy" way.)
                          - The game was poorly laid out, you barely know what task you're suppose to be doing even if playing as an "Amateur Sleuth" (Normally you have a pretty clear idea of what's going on.) I'm blaming this on a poor story/gameplay
                          - Random drama with Ned... I'm sorry Ned and Nancy never talk to each other the way the were in this game. Plus you never find out what's going on at the end.
                          - Zero sleuthing (Why do we need so much permission? That's not the point of Nancy Drew the sleuth that became detective...)

                          Normally with Nancy Drew games they are very informative bringing younger people in to learn new things whether culture/language/history or general understanding about the theme they are supporting in their games, but this is not the case. I LOVE Salem Massachusetts and none of what is going on in the game fits the look/culture/or image that Salem has. Sure, there are bits and pieces and HeR Interactive most likely can't completely copy a town. BUT they could've brought a little bit more into it whether it was more accurate models of the New England styled homes, or even better representation of the local stores... Not everything in Salem looks like Hocus Pocus threw up on it.... Or looked like a rewrite of "The Craft/Practical Magic".

                          I'm sad to say that I will not be buying anymore Nancy Drew games if this is the path HeR Interactive is going to follow from here on out.


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                            This is, by far, the worst game. I have played all previous games, and uninstalled this one and requested a refund after it crashed numerous times. The play is so awful, you can't solve the puzzles - not because you haven't figured out the solution, but because the controls and graphics are so abominable. And because there are hardly any puzzles! It plays like a horrifically slow, boring movie. There is ENDLESS talking and cut scenes and virtually no game play comparatively speaking. Just entirely terrible all around. This may be the end of the ND game series. I would give it 0 stars if I could.
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                              Well, I have been a big fan since the very First game. Secrets can Kill. I actually own the originals of every game that came out. I can't play the originals, but I still have them. I am so disappointed in this last game. I waited so many years, why did the makers change everything? This game was the event of the year. Every year, I would stalk my local stores for the release. I'd be there buying it as soon as it hit shelves. Now, I waited for this? I spent almost 30 dollars for a game that took literally 3 hours to beat. Not many puzzles to speak of, not much to do. The scene was very round and round so to speak. I couldn't hear some of the talk because of background music. Please, if you intend to make another, you gotta bring back the style of games from before. This new way of play, frankly sucks. I felt like I was playing a child's game, with the movement. So little interaction with the very dull backgrounds. Oh, please...find our ND. Give us the ND we know and love. I'm willing to give you another chance, but if you disappoint again, I probably won't be back...which is sad. You had me hooked for 32 games, I was angry that 33 took so long an that this company was so non nonchalant about what was going on or when the game would finally come. Now, there's no word at the end of the game on whether there's even another game in the works. I see from others reviews, that I am not alone. I'm 47 years old, and been buying these games since what 2000 or 2001 when Secrets Can Kill. Hope you take all the reviews into consideration when thinking of the next steps. Thank you Brenda


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                                This was by far the worst Nancy Drew game I have ever played and I have played all of them. These games have always been my guilty escape. I've started to share them with my daughter and she just walked away from this game because she said it was horrible. I was so excited to play this game and all I did was waste my money and my time. I'd really like a refund seeing as it just freezes up and I can't even play for more than 2 minutes at a time. Also, why so many prerecorded videos. HORRIBLE. I can't even believe the creator of this game thought it was good. Way to ruin a legacy. I really hope someone who makes these games actually reads theses reviews.