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Pretty Enjoyable - Not the best game, but enjoyable.

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  • Pretty Enjoyable - Not the best game, but enjoyable.

    While I understand why many, many people didn't really like this game, I had no problems with it. Sure there was a small lag, but for me it wasn't too bad... I guess it really just depends what type of PC/MAC specs you have. At first I did share some concerns with the character design, but in all honesty, I didn't mind it at all once I started playing. It reminded me of the older 90's adventure games, which I'm a huge huge huuuge fan of!

    The story was amazing! No spoilers here, but there was a lot of things buried in the past that Nancy uncovered and I think by the end of the game, everything fit really nicely.

    Frankly, I enjoyed this game. Like my title says, it isn't the best Nancy Drew game out there(CUR, WAC, MHM, SEA are my tops) it was still enjoyable to play. Plus I loved the Hardy Boys comeback in this game and the return of another familiar face!

    Sorry for anyone who doesn't like this game and didn't enjoy it... maybe next time?

    Story: 10/10
    Environment: 10/10
    Character design: 7/10
    Character development: 9/10
    Use of Unity engine: 6/10(probably had to do with my PC specs)

    I'm ready to pack my bags and head off to a chilly Halloween autumn adventure! Do I dare join Nancy as she goes to snoop in the dead of night in Midnight In Salem?(Um, of course!)

    Coming Soon.