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    While this isn't the grand reveal we've all been waiting for, it wasn't the worst disaster in the world either (unless you're a mac user I guess). I have windows and I was using a track pad and managed to get through the whole game. I think one of the biggest problems I had with this game was the navigation was not natural at all. The graphics while moving forward were flawless but anytime you wanted to make a turn, Nancy's position was behind where you wanted to be? I spent a lot of time turning around in every environment. There's in-game settings that let you change the resolution and such and I put them all on high and there's still jaggies in every frame. Upsetting for a product that hasn't had this problem in the past.
    There's no real puzzles in this game and I felt like 50% of it was watching people have conversations. Not even conversations that you get to interact in?? They do scenes where you just watch forever.. If I wanted to watch Nancy Drew I'd just turn on CW.
    The story is cool, the character development was fun and even knowing all the downsides of this game I would still buy and play it.
    I would have gladly waited longer for a better product.