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  • Game is Stuck - don't buy!

    I hate to post this since I have played every game since the beginning … many of them along side my daughter who is now 25 years old. I have already posted on the "too much talking" will not repeat that. This review is a technical review - I am stuck at the "brick wall" - can't get any prompt to work . This is what I have done: searched the message board, used the Strategy Guide to "cheat" , looked at posted utube videos of those completing it, sat next to my daughter while she successfully completed that puzzle (yes, I bought 2 games - one for her and one for me) and asked Tech Support for help suggesting a glitch. The Tech Support team responded suggesting NO GLITCH, use the Message Board, finish any steps not completed, purchase and use the Strategy Guide … DONE all that....GAME STILL STALLED aka can't finish...aka wasted of time, effort and money.

    Now my analysis of what might be issue: I notice that you can't save this game until the on and on talking is over....problem number 1.
    It seems if you save in the middle of this brick wall puzzle (too early?) then this causes the glitch. Reference an very early posting with this exact ended up stalled. Tech Support: Read your reviews and the Hints and Tips board and try to recreate the issue

    Future Game suggestion: use people like the user community to beta test the game early on....we would have told you there was too much talking....the right click without any instruction is annoying (big change from previous games) and the enhanced graphics were foolish (voices were the same, character mannerisms were repeated over and over (thank goodness they are not real people).

    Can I get a refund on one of my games since it can't be completed? Or maybe you want to use my game to figure out the fix to the glitch?

    Again, just being honest.

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    I had a couple of glitches throughout the game and it turned out to be a slow laptop I was using. Not saying that's your issue, but I was about to give it all up. Then was able to complete the game on a different laptop. Can you go back to a previously saved game to catch up to that point? I agree with those who've said there's too much talking/too many cutscenes and not being able to save in the middle of a long conversation was problematic for me as well. Before giving up completely, try a previously saved game so you're not starting over. Good luck.


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      I had the same problem... I had to put the message in front of the candles again for the hidden message, then go directly to the wall to pry open the brick.