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  • Worth the wait?

    Played and finished midnight
    in Salem, and while I was impressed with the game to due to its local ties I have to say that I did not like the game play.
    I did not like the fact that you had to use the right click button to look up and down the room for objects. I also didn't like the fact it made the game play slow so it was not synched when many players were talking. It also talked about very long time to load in my computer as well.
    I did however like oh there was multiple characters to choose from as suspects, as in other games that was only 3 characters. I thought the gameplay what's a good story line but some of the missions even on amateur sleuth was quite difficult and I needed to view a walkthrough on how to understand how to do them.
    I have to say after all of this hype and the four plus years of waiting , thinking this was going to be amazing , it was kind of a letdown. I miss the old formatting and the old story lines even if the graphics were crappier, I would take that any day over this one. Disappointed that herinteractive, kept us waiting so long for something that shouldn't of taken 4 years to make, especially with all the glitches and tech issues. I think the Nancy Drew brand is now going downhill. And the thing is people love these games, I love these games, and you'll have a dud every now and then. But keeping fans loyal for so long to come out with something like this was disappointing.