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  • Wow........

    I am devastated (in fact that word is nowhere near strong enough)..... I am going to write a review of my own when I EVENTUALLY complete the game.

    I actually had to stop playing, come onto the forum and vent my frustrations.

    I only started the game tonight (I got the game 2 days ago for my birthday....Just like everyone else, I've been waiting for this with baited breath for over four years), I couldn't install it when I got it, it got stuck on the loading page - two days later, and I have managed to install it onto my bf's laptop which runs on Windows 8. I gruelingly played for 2 hours, before it completely crashed, at which point I came on here to vent. The forum seems to have changed too, my login wouldn't work, and I've sent 3 requests for password reset - I actually went to the effort of setting up an entirely new account just to come on here and say how DEVASTATED I am with the new game.

    I know it's 'just a game' (but we all know it isn't, these games have been part of my existence since I was 11 and I'm now in my late 20s), but I genuinely feel like bawling my eyes out.... What has even happened?

    It's the BIGGEST waste of £27 (I don't even usually pay full price, I usually wait but I was too excited!).... And literally EVERYTHING I loved about the Nancy Drew games has been ripped away.....

    Longer review to come (eventually - it will take me a while to trudge through this)... Hopefully I'll be able to re-access my old account and I'll start posting again through there.

    Solidarity to everyone else who has been kicked in the feels </3 - I've just spend the past hour trawling through the 12 pages of heartbreak and devastation that are on here... At least we still have all of the other Nancy Drew games & each other!

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    Happy belated Birthday and I'm sorry for your frustration, I hope you got some other present that didn't ruin your day like this game obviously did! I've been playing my way through all the old games since MID released as it was so bad I just couldn't compare it to the other games. I actually start to think that those 5 * reviews on the game page are either fake or they were actually playing a different game....