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equal disappointment like other long time ND fans

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  • equal disappointment like other long time ND fans

    I have played Nancy drew games for almost 20 yrs! I got my first Nancy Drew game at the age of ten for my birthday from my mom because i loved reading her books. I have played games 1 to 19 and then became a mommy so my time and money went to what was needed. Its been about 5 years since i have played another Nancy Drew game and that is mainly because i didn't have a computer to play it on but recently we purchased a gaming computer. My birthday is coming up and traditionally i asked my mom for a Nancy Drew game now that i am able to play it again.
    My review:
    I should have spent my birthday money playing the games i have missed playing but instead i chose to play the newest because in the past Her Interactive has never disappointed. Well that has certainly changed for the worst. I feel that Mi Pu Mi is the blame for alot of loyal ND fans disappointment. Just because you buy or emerge into a SUCCESSFUL company doesn't mean game play needs to change. Whats not breakin doesn't need to be fixed! that should have been their moto while making this Midnight in Salem.

    * Its difficult to work and confusing! There was nothing wrong with the magnifine glass as the cursor as seen in the other games.

    * too much dialog not enough game play. It was an interesting storyline and i see where they where trying to go with butsame dialog with unnecessary which made it a bore.

    *I miss the old Nancy drew voice! Don't get me wrong the voice actor did good but said this before in another review on the actual game, nancy drew in this game is too modern for a character that is based in the 50s/60s.

    *not enough challenges or puzzles. There were about half as much puzzles as there usually are. The puzzles in the older games is what keeps players interest not dialog.

    I could go on but im sure that these reviews wont mean much to the combined company with Her Interactive and if it does word of advise, bring back the old people and remove those that created midnight in Salem. If y'all wish to try "something new" with 3d games etc like you tried to in this game make a new character or use the hardy boys as a new set of game play but bring back the old ways of Nancy Drew including the voice actress please. until then ill personally be catching up on the 10+ games i missed out on and before Mi Pu Mi ruined games games that lasted 2 decades. Ill forever be a nancy drew game but if future games are going to continue to be like this one ill replay the old ones until y'all see the light.

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    Same! I’ve also been playing for 20 years and I’m deeply disappointed in this new game. Part of the fun is the nostalgia of it, but that’s all gone. I actually can’t even complete one of the first puzzles (the paper clip one) because apparently my Mac doesn’t have high enough processing power or something, even though it says it does in the download requirements. From what I have been able to play, I agree with everything you said. Way too much dialogue and the extra movement controls seem cool hypothetically, but actually are much more difficult to maneuver with little reward. All in all, I’m pretty unimpressed and bummed about this new game.


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      I don't think Mi Pu Mi is responsible for what happened to Nancy, the head of HERinteractive is making the decisions and SHE is responsible, ultimately, for what has gone wrong with Nancy Drew since she took over, suddenly we had a five year gap followed by a really bad game, it's on her. Mi Pu Mi has no history with Nancy and only did as they were told, the resulting game has lost everything that made Nancy great and fun to play. Sure they made the game, but they could only do as they were directed as they had nothing to go on for reference, the people who could have made MID a worthwhile game were all fired.
      I noticed that there have been no new reviews on the product page for 10 days, I hope someone just forgot to press a button to put them up, because if nobody bothered buying/reviewing for 10 days then that is a bit worrying, even a bad review means they got a sale!


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        Penny millikin is the ceo who took over and is responsible for the whole cluster(*&^