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Worst N D game ever! Either fix it back to old way or you've lost this long time fan!

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  • Worst N D game ever! Either fix it back to old way or you've lost this long time fan!

    Where/how do I even begin to describe my feelings about this game after having played every ND game before this with my daughter since she was little and now still plays the old ones as an adult?! Can't believe I waited for years for this new game to only be extremely disappointed HeR interactive.Took forever to load game in the first place to play it because it hogs up so much of your cpu processor. Words and actions never matched up, so it took forever to progress/navigate through game.The 3D controls to manipulate/collect objects and move around to specific spots in the game were too difficult to use and lead to great frustration. What happened to the easy to use magnifying glass to find & collect objects? Didn't like how you can't control the speed of the conversations, like you used to be able to scroll through the conversation, so I missed important parts of the conversation. Missed a more detailed to do/checklist. Can't call other characters for hints throughout the entire game. I don't care about being able to play ND on every type of platform. This game on a regular PC had several glitches that caused it to either freeze up or black out on my screen. Didn't really have any fun games to play and didn't like having to do solve the puzzle before being able to do anything else. Plus there was a lack of directions & clues on how to solves the puzzles.The storyline was ok. I liked the characters, especially enjoyed playing with the Hardy boys. P.S. Not cool to mess with Ned & Nancy's relationship because they should've been getting married any day now!
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    Did the glitches that caused it to freeze up and the screen go black ever get fixed? I'm having the same difficulty.
    I read the poor reviews and, like you, have played this with my daughter for years.
    I'm thinking about asking for my money back as it just doesn't work.
    ...`•¸And the winner is Loulou!